Q: What is the purpose of Ad Mortem Festinamus?

A: Ad Mortem Festinamus wants to introduce people to types of music that otherwise might have remained unknown to them, and as the saying goes: unknown, unloved... It seeks to promote gothic and folk music or any other kind of “alternative” music. It's a thin line between those different types of music.

I'm sure that fans of Celtic artists like Loreena McKennitt will enjoy the medieval-inspired band Qntal, and vice versa. And people who adore bagpipe music, might enjoy Saltatio Mortis, Corvus Corax and Tanzwut. Moreover, folk adepts who adore throwing a party, might also enjoy the "Monkipunk" of Boo!. And people who are into dance music, might like EBM music, future pop and electro, such as VNV Nation or God Module.


I hope Ad Mortem Festinamus will succeed in encouraging people to cross borders...

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