Q: Where does that peculiar name come from?

A: Well it's a bit of funny and embarrassing story. I chose the name "Ad Mortem Festinamus" because it's a song of one of my favourite bands: Qntal and I thought it meant "We party till we die". If that would have been the meaning of this Latin phrase, it would have perfectly reflected what this weblog's all about. Unfortunately "Ad Mortem Festinamus" means "we are hastening towards our deaths", which is quite something else, of course! As a result, Ad Mortem Festinamus is currently facing a bit of an existential crisis ;-) Too late to change that name now, for everyone refers to this weblog as Ad Mortem Festinamus! Besides, we are hastening toward our deaths, so there's only one remedy: "carpe diem" and one way of doing that is going to concerts and other events... 

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