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"Den Hemel" literally means "Heaven" and, last saturday, for a large number of enthusiastic Monkipunkers it was. I was saddened by the fact that it was, for me at least, the last gig I'd see until the next European tour, but fortunately, Boo! obliged by making it last.

The travelling trio were as good as ever, and they played a number of songs I hadn't heard on a gig for quite some time ("Franki", "Hosanna" and "OO AA"). "OO AA", by the way is the song that my five-year old refers to as "aapmuziekje" which translates as "monki music". Since it comes out of the mouth of the proverbial babe, I guess whoever chose the name of the music, chose it well.

The Boo! entourage (if you can call Marcel an entourage) was, as always, quite busy before the show, setting down water and beer bottles, sticking playlists to any odd place and so on. Actually, sticking playlists to any odd place is something Marcel apparently quite enjoyed, since he could not stop and even did it during the show. My advice would be: if you stick a playlist to the floor, use LARGE characters ;-). I also wondered where I saw his pair of jeans before, and then it hit me (the thought, not the jeans): in about every Boo! gig I ever saw. Must be his lucky pair.

The audience was behaving in a very odd manner. The front half of the audience, which naturally included me (I'm one of those usually glued to the stage) was dancing and rocking and thoroughly enjoying themselves, while the back half was just standing there, hardly moving, in a sort of mildly amused haze. I strongly suspect the owners of "Den Hemel" of having mistaken floor wax for glue while buffing the back half of the room.

I could go on and on about the music, the twenty-four octaves Chris can vocally reproduce, Ampie's ability to play a zillion instruments at once and still look like he's having the time of his life, and Boney Leonie's percussionistic prowess, or about a great new song called "I Lyk Your Typ", but I won't...

Instead, I will take you on a Monkipunk tour of that great and forgotten form of poetic pastiche which is, of course...

po...po...po...poooooooo... the Limerick! ()

As the great Willy himself put it: without much further ado, I present to you the latest product of my totally spaced out cerebrum:


Chris, a South African Synger
His performance, oh how did it lynger
His danced o'r the stage
in a Monkipunk rage
While rapping his base guitar with his fynger

His giant friend, named Ampie so aptly
Plays numerous instruments adeptly
And when he gets a chance
He plays 'em all at once
So that all other musicians seem ineptly

There is also the drummer named Leon
Who drums like no other this eon
During a show in Arlons
He overheated his batons
So Marcel had to cool 'm with freon

Marcel, it should well be mentioned
As manager rarely gets any attention
Though he does a great deal of work
He has a very odd quirk:
He wears jeans from another dimension

Until we meet again, fellow Boo!ddhists and, whatever you do, do not forget to Boo!

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... setlist Boo! Zichem
Hi the complete setlist was for this night: Amsterdam -Afro - Room - Sting - Star - Ben Hur - Hosanna - I Ying I Yang - OO AA - gud to be tru- Avrocado Pair - Wannabe - Open - LYT - Home - TNTLC - Krusti - #1 - Come Thanks for your review Marcelli Pop Boo!

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