20 Miles As The Wolf Runs at Sleuterrock in Oeselgem 24/04

On the 24th of April 2004 I witnessed a world première: the first performance of the Electro band 20 Miles as the Wolf Runs, featuring Anouschka Defraeye and Filip Coussement.
Yes, that's right, you've heard those names before. Anouschka occasionaly writes reviews for Ad Mortem Festinamus. She gave us her impressions on Garmarna and La Paloma Negra.
Filip is the guy who went shopping with Goethes Erben's Oswald Henke in Weba, as you can read in his comment under the review (if you can understand Dutch, that is!).
Instead of me writing a review on their performance, I thought it would be nice if the artists themselves would write about their experience. Coming soon, I hope!
I can already lift the veil a little bit: they managed quite well, given that it was their first live performance! Filip is a real showman, dancing and jumping behind his keyboard. Anouschka has a beautiful voice and only needs to acquire a little more self-confidence.
In short, all they have to do is compose a few extra songs and add a few final strokes and we might come across "20 Miles as the Wolf Runs" at The Invitation next year! ;-)
Here are my pics: 20 Miles as the Wolf Runs photo album

For the beautiful pictures on the official Sleuterrock website, click here.

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