So far for my theory that Fluxus is the only folk band using a saxophone! Aedo’s front man, Pieter De Meester, also plays the sax, and how! Although the band members are all rather young, they are pretty shrewd at setting a whole audience on fire. Seldom have I seen so many people dancing with such an enthusiasm! By the way, compliments to the audience! It wouldn’t surprise me if the pupils of Sint-Vincentiusinstituut have been practising the “andro”, the “scottish”, the “bourrée”, the “reel” and the “jig” over and over again in  gym class!

By the end of the year, Aedo will release their first full cd. They will present it in “De Centrale” in Ghent on 24 September and in “Volkshuis St-Gillis” in Brussels on 25 September. I’m really looking forward to it, for Aedo rocks! Well, you know what I mean… "Aedo folks!” would sound a bit funny, wouldn't it?

Aedo’s official website: http://www.aedo.be

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