And the winner is…

The 2000th visitor of Ad Mortem Festinamus happened to be… Vincent De Grave aka Erathus!

It is someone I know, which means that I’ll have to take out my wallet next time I’ll see him! ;-)


What I didn’t know was that Vincent has a website of his own: Reversed Evolution.

Moreover, I discovered that he’s a real musician. He plays electronical music and he does that brilliantly, if you’d ask me! Listen to Erathus.

At the Invitation Wave, Gothic, Electro Meeting 2005, young, beginning musicians will get the chance to perform in between the concerts. Go for it, Vincent!

I’d love to see you perform there, just like 20 Miles as the Wolf Runs!


Unfortunately, Vincent is suffering from scarlet fever, or is it German measles? Anyway, he’s come down with some nasty children’s disease, so GET WELL SOON!

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