Boo! 26/03 in Paradiso

Haha! I got you! You thought that I went to Holland to see Boo!? Well I didn't, most unfortunately for myself. BUT... thanks to fabchannel.com I could enjoy the whole gig, sitting comfortably behind my pc. Well, ok, it wasn't that comfortable, since every three minutes the screen froze and the music stopped. But, hey, you don't hear me complaining. A fantastic initiative, that Paradiso webcam! Those Dutchmen are way ahead of us!
Anyway, it seemed like a damn nice performance. I had the impression that there was a great atmosphere, but of course this is a bit difficult to judge from behind a computer screen.
You know what? After my previous review, Chris wrote me a little e-mail and he explained that a Dutch journalist did not understand why Boo! is so successful. Apparently that journalist thought that all songs were alike and that they merely played unoriginal pop music. How can this be? The band invented a brand new music genre, consists of three very skilled musicians and succeeds time after time in getting the audience to move their asses! Isn't that enough? Ok, I must admit, maybe I lost a bit of my objectivity in the course of five Boo! performances, but hey, I do can criticize them, you know! I could say for example that Chris desperately seems to need a haircut. Such details are a bit difficult to discover when you are dancing the whole time, but it struck me while I was watching the webcast. And today Ampie, who was wearing white elephant trousers, looked a bit like Nicole & Hugo, the world-famous Belgian duo who ended last in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest. No no no, just joking guys, you could cut your hair like the Beatles and wear rubbish bags, you'd still would have more charisma than, let's say, Elvis Presley. 
Talking about Elvis, during "Sting", Chris's voice sounds very much like Elvis and today I even discovered that he twitched his lip like Elvis!
And then there was Boo! manager Marcel. At a given moment, I really thought that Marcel would steal the show. There he was, having a nice chat with drummer Princess Leonie in the middle of the show. I thought that he would grab a pair of drumsticks and start drumming too, but alas, his moment of glory has not yet come, although we all worship him for exporting Boo! out of the jungle and bringing them into our dull world.
Now there's only one major problem left to me... 29 March in Ekeren, should I go or should I go? Really, I don't know what to decide! It's rather far away and I don't find any victims to join me, and moreover, being 26, I will feel rather old standing there between those pupils. But on the other hand, I keep wondering what that special act might be! It couldn't be Zita Swoon by any chance? I certainly hope that it won't be Samson & Gert*, given the fact that the gig takes place in a school. Anyway, you can always talk me into going, just post a reaction or send me an e-mail! I really don't think that I'll need a lot of convincing, but a little bit sure would help.

* For the foreigners amongst you: "Samson & Gert" is an extremely popular children's program about a fluffy fake dog, called Samson, and his master, Gert, both saying all sorts of stupid things and happily singing catchy songs.

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