Boo! Ekeren 29/03/04

Boohoohoo… it’s all over and done with, that fantastic Boo! tour in Europe.

Yes I know, this was supposed to be a website merely promoting folk and gothic music (yes, that’s right, I’m in fact one of those people wearing long black skirts and listening to very unfashionable music!), but here I am nagging about monkipunk again. This website really starts looking like a Boo! shrine, but I promise I won’t do it again, at least, not until the next time.

You know, I only recently discovered the yahoo newsgroup of Boo! - shame on me! - and only yesterday did I read Chris Chameleon's explanation of his being attacked by two men in his house in South-Africa. How horrible that must have been! But what struck me most, was Chris's pacifistic attitude. In fact, he really has something hippy-ish about him, doesn't he? Not in his looks of course, but in his ideas of peace, love and happiness. Really, Chris is simply too good for this world! Which confirms of course Jan Lissens' view, namely that not only Marcel's trousers come from another dimension, but also the members of Boo! themselves. And in all honesty, I strongly suspect Jan originating from that same dimension, but hush, don't tell anyone!

Now, about the concert, ...

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