Boo!: our source of inspiration

It must be said that Boo! is a source of inspiration for many a man/woman.
I, for a start, rediscovered that I adore writing, mainly because Boo! actually gave me something to write about.
And Jan Lissens, a man of many talents, began producing flabbergasting Boo! limericks, apparently with the same ease as blowing his nose.
Moreover, there’s Jason, who’s inspired into making beautiful drawings of the South-African trio, as you can see for yourself.
And then I didn’t even mention all those people who are inspired into jumping and dancing around at Boo! gigs all over the world.
Well, let us be their source of inspiration for once!
Let’s give the band a big fat Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo filled with magic, so as to give them lots of inspiration as they are recording their new album!

Meanwhile, they will certainly keep us posted at:


And if we are tormented by nostalgia we can always jump in at one of the following websites in order to relive their gigs:


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