Celtic festival in Gijzegem on 30 April

I learned a lot of new things this Friday! For instance, I now can point out the hamlet called “Gijzegem” on the map of Belgium. Moreover, I learned that Gijzegem has a great taste in music, as the local school organised a wonderful folk festival featuring Failte, Aedo, Helen Flaherty together with Daithi Rua and Aidan Burke and, as top of the bill, Kadril.

On the road to Gijzegem, I feared the worst, for it started pouring with rain. I was already considering a potential caption for this article: “Failte festival: four-hour shower of folk music”. At that point, I didn’t know yet that it wouldn’t be the small-scale open-air festival that I thought it would be.

The concerts took place in a tent, and a considerable one, too! Moreover, on the green pasture, there were a couple of booths selling food, clothes, etc. In short, Gijzegem was very well prepared!

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Failte And again we managed to organise another festival. This time even better!!!
29 an 30 april 2006
with o.a. Urban Trad, Munnelly (Irl.), Flaherti (Sch.) & Masure (BE), Blunt and EmBRUN.

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