Double concert Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill and Shantalla

This will be my first “official” folk review. I already wrote a little something about the concert of the Swedish folk band Garmarna in Sleidinge, but that doesn’t really count, since I missed most of the concert by being fashionably late. Therefore, I took all necessary precautions and arrived fashionably early this time (as you can tell by the empty seats on the picture, but don't worry, there was a full house only moments later!).
The concert took place in “la salle Henry Le Boeuf”, the luxurious venue with beautiful acoustics in which the famous Queen Elizabeth contest is held each year. At first, being seated in an opera-like environment in order to watch a folk concert seemed very awkward to me. When I think of folk music, I think of pubs, beer, dancing and people shouting out from time to time. Of course I didn’t really care about the lack of beer, that’s more something for the male half of the audience to worry about, but being deprived of a space where you can actually dance, preoccupied me a lot. I can already tell you that my fear turned out to be groundless...

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