I’d like to do a little experiment. Ad Mortem Festinamus is a weblog about music, but try as I may to introduce you to all kinds of bands by writing reviews and publishing pictures, you still don’t know what the music actually sounds like, do you? Therefore, I’d like to add music to my weblog. Mind you, I don’t want to impose my music upon you, so you’ll have to press the play button on your own initiative. Who knows, some people might be visiting this weblog at work, and I wouldn’t want them to wake up the whole office as soon as they enter my realm of music!

I hope all will go well from a technical point of view. If the player in the upper right corner doesn’t display properly or if you don’t hear any music, then you have a problem. I know what it’s like, because I actually have the same problem on my computer at home and I don’t find any solution. I’ll probably need a plug-in, but I haven’t got a clue which one.


Anyway, the first song I’d like to present to you is “Herr Mannelig” by the Swedish folk band Garmarna (you can now push that play button to hear the extract!).

You may  remember that I mentioned it not so long ago after discovering an Italian version of that song on the brand new album of the symphonic metal band Haggard (See: “A bridge between folk, gothic and metal").


If you want to read some Garmarna reviews while listening, be my guest!

Here’s my review

Here’s Anouschka’s review.

But first, have your mind switch to Dutch again, ‘cause both reviews are written in Dutch.


Any feedback on this musical experiment is welcome (please, also inform me if you’re having technical problems… every beginning is hard) !!!!

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