Feest van de Folk at De Centrale 22/04

The performances of Fluxus and Swap at De Centrale in Ghent in fact only made up a tiny little part of “Feest van de folk”, as this celebration of folk music lasts the whole month of April and is spread over more than 45 locations.


Now back to the concerts of Fluxus and Swap at De Centrale in Ghent on 22 April.

But first, I really need to get something off my chest!

What has got into those organisers of folk events, lately? There have been plenty of great initiatives, but each and every folk event I’ve attended over the past few months turned out to be a seated concert… First there was Garmarna at CC De Stroming, then Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill and Shantalla at Bozar, La Paloma Negra at La Tentation and now “Feest van de folk”, featuring Fluxus and Swap, at De Centrale. All of them involved me sitting on a chair, in a seat or on a bench… Do they not know that folkies usually are itching to take the floor?

Ok now, that really had to come out! Let’s proceed to the reviews and the pictures, shall we?

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