Helder @ Het Magazijn on 19 May

I didn’t really intend to write a review of Helder’s performance at “Het Magazijn”, let’s say I was “off duty”, but the urge to write prevails again.

Helder started their gig with the beautiful song “So well”, but unfortunately things didn’t go so well for them, as singer/guitarist Helder already broke a string of his guitar after a few chords.

I think it was a bad omen… The second song really rocked, but the audience didn’t seem to care too much about the activities going on on the stage. If I thought that the audience in JH Het Zwaantje was disrespectful (cfr. my previous review), then this audience proved that things can always be worse. Helder must be a very patient person, for if it had been me, I probably would have asked the audience “Shall I go outside while you are chattering away, or don’t you mind me singing somewhere in the background?” (but then again, I’m a real hard-ass bitch [dixit boyfriend]).

Why is it that people always feel the urge to start telling their lives during a performance? Why don’t they just organise a dinner party at home instead of disturbing the others who do want to listen?

Not that there was anything wrong with the quality of the performance, mind you!

Helder was in good voice and the other musicians were also beyond reproach, albeit that they all seemed to lack energy, which is not surprising, given the scorching heath in the small venue, the lack of beverage for the band members (the drummer had to order some drinks at the bar during the performance!) and the impassive crowd.

After the performance, Toki, the devoted Helder fan who surprised us at the end of their performance in St-Martens-Latem (read my previous review), jumped back on stage in order to try and surprise us a second time. Unfortunately, some magic only works once and Helder didn’t really feel like jamming this time. Anyway, it gave Toki another opportunity to sing “Mad world” a cappella, which certainly will have been a good practice for the challenge he will be taking up shortly. Apparently, he entered the singing contest “Idool 2004” and on this very day, 21 May, he will receive his baptism of fire. I wish him all the best.

As for Helder, maybe they should write a letter to Santa Claus and ask for a better audience… or they should just concentrate on the good part of the crowd and forget about the rest!

I truly hope that they will soon start playing at some of the bigger venues, for they deserve it!

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