Helen Flaherty, Aidan Burke and Daithi Rua

For the occasion, Helen Flaherty left her four Irishmen (cfr. Shantalla) at home and let fiddler Aidan Burke and guitarist Daithi Rua accompany her. Normally, it would have been Philip Masure who accompanied her on the guitar, but the audience didn’t really seem to mind that Daithi Rua replaced him. On the contrary, the pupils obviously had met him before!

I don’t know whether Helen wound the audience round her little finger or vice versa, but one thing’s for sure: repeatedly both the audience and Helen declared their love to one another. I already knew that she is a more than accomplished singer, but what I didn’t know is that she’s a great dancer too! There she was, happily hopping while Aidan Burke was playing the fiddle at the most dazzling speed.

Next to these fast tunes, the set mainly included a fair amount of songs in which Helen as well as Daithi displayed their vocal talents. I feared a bit that the younger people in the crowd would lose their interest during those slower songs, but even they stayed focused and treated the band time and again to a warm applause and lots of cheers. As you can see, it was a joyful performance at a warm-hearted festival!

Helen Flaherty’s official website: http://www.helenflaherty.be

Daithi Rua’s official website: http://daithirua.com

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