La Paloma Negra at "La Tentation" 07/04

Flanders’ renowned folk band Kadril and the traditional Galician band Alumea have joined forces to come up with a compelling Flemish/Galician show. The project is called La Paloma Negra (literally: “the black pigeon”) and refers to a Flemish “inn” in Santiago de Compostela where pilgrims sought diversion in traditional Flemish and Galician music and dancing.

I must admit that I am not really into Galician music… At least, that’s what I thought until I heard the first notes of the concert. La Paloma Negra succeeds in bringing the perfect balance between Flemish and Galician music, cheerful and subdued songs, singing and dancing…

I’ve never seen so many people on such a small stage: I think I counted a total of 17 singers and musicians and 2 dancers. During the first part of the concert, the Galician girls wore traditional costumes, which seemed very hot and uncomfortable, but which were beautiful to look at. After the break, they had exchanged their traditional outfit for more contemporary black and red clothes. Being the colour of passion and spirit, red certainly befits them: they can even make black look bright! On the other hand, how could a bunch of warm-blooded girls, who are making music using shells and tambourines and crying out in their high-pitched voices not look colourful?

During the second part of the show, the Spanish girls really amazed the audience by singing the beautiful song “Rozemarijn” in Dutch. Eva De Roovere, on her turn, sang, only accompanied by Dirk Verhegge on the guitar, the passionate Spanish song “La Paloma Negra”. Since I don’t know any Spanish, I can’t say whether her pronunciation of the Spanish language was correct, but if it wasn’t, she certainly succeeded in fooling me!

At the very end of the concert the cunning Galician girls had something else in store for us: they had the audience standing up and snap their fingers and before we knew it we all were dancing with them. If only this had been a standing concert, I’m sure we would have been dancing right from the start!

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I moved this comment from the previous version of AMF Great!!!!
We think this band is the most amazing flemish-galician music group!!! They are the champions!!!!!

Angela, Mar and Jorge bululu@mundo-r.com

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