Oi Va Voi: the prequel

It looks like I’m expanding my horizons! On Friday 7 May I explored the world of Klezmer Trip Hop, as far as you can pin that label on Oi Va Voi’s music. Only a few months ago, I heard the word “Klezmer” for the first time through my Polish language teacher. Since I didn’t have the faintest idea of what Klezmer was and, to be honest, since it sounded rather dull to me, I passed up the opportunity. A few weeks later, a friend of mine told me about a promising London-based band called Oi Va Voi. I read a few reviews, in which Oi Va Voi invariably was portrayed as an electrifying live act, thus arousing my curiosity even more! So I was extremely glad when I found out that they performed in Brussels. And now that I’ve seen Oi Va Voi I might change my views on Klezmer. Who knows I might end up going to a Polish Klezmer concert too!

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