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There are no more certainties in this world.

Today, princess Leonie wasn’t wearing white socks, at least not visibly. Marcel wasn’t wearing his lucky pair of jeans either. I felt completely disorientated.
I think we should stop writing reviews, for they actually seem to read them. It struck me too that Chris started speaking about his hair cut today, which I just mentioned in my previous review. A mere coincidence surely, but let a young girl (or should I say a not that old girl) dream on, will you! Chris told the audience that he would like to wear a mullet (in Dutch: een matje of tapijtje in de nek…). Dear Chris, in that case, I will seriously have to reconsider being a fan of yours! Did you know that the true mullet spirit is nothing without a moustache and really big sunglasses?! Why don’t you consider wearing a mohawk instead? You do play monkiPUNK, don’t you?

Chris looked rather yumi yumi in his black narrow pants and finally I had the opportunity to admire Ampie in real life wearing his “Nicole and Hugo” outfit, which looked less “Nicole and Hugo” than I’d imagined. I also loved Leon’s shirt in fluorescent blue with buttons all over it: very cool indeed! Well I really start sounding like a groupie, don’t I? Shall I come to the point, then?

The gig was as good as ever I guess, but I cannot get rid of the thought that the circumstances could have been better. From where I stood, I had the impression that the sound wasn’t optimal. Judging from the pictures, the light was also far from ideal. But maybe I’m just a spoilt brat! When I was at school, I certainly would have appreciated it if my school had organised lectures on life in South-Africa followed by a concert. So, way to go Sint-Lambertus! At least, this last show enabled me to absorb just enough of Boo! to make it through the coming Boo!-less months.

Unfortunately, I had to leave during “Number one” in order to catch a bus to the railway station. Can anyone tell me whether they played many other songs after that??? Of course, when I arrived at the station, my train was standing there sadistically with all doors closed for another five minutes, before leaving me behind in Antwerpen-Centraal.

Sometimes even the life of a Boo! fan can be hard. Luckily, there’s always their music to cheer me up again!

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For Sure Boo! and I are reading those reviews. We LOVE them a lot. Thanks for your time to write those nice reviews and sorry that I didnt wair that pair of jeans, since it was still in the washing machine! After #1 they performed Sting and Come. Its a pitty you missed those 2 songs though, but Hey Boo! will be back soon in Europe. Rock on! Marcelli Pop ps there is nothing so special on my jeans! but I like them as well.

Marcelli Pop Boo!

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