Time for celebration

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday

Dear weblog

Happy Birthday to you


Today, it’s exactly 2 months ago that Ad Mortem Festinamus was launched.

I know, normal people celebrate birthdays only once a year. Well, I never said that I was normal, did I?

I’m probably still in a state of euphoria, taking my first steps into this whole weblog business.

It’s a bit like young lovers who, during the first year of their relationship, celebrate their ‘togetherness’ every month. In fact, I have been with my boyfriend for almost six years now and we still celebrate it every month… Let’s be honest, any excuse for a celebration is good enough, isn’t it?

Of course I can’t rule out the possibility that my boyfriend celebrates every month because he’s so glad to have survived another month of nagging. I’d better leave that aside...


Anyway, 2 months, 2600 visitors... I'm a happy woman! 

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