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I know, you’re all waiting for the Boo! review – at least, that’s what I hope for – but let’s start with the beginning. I must admit that I felt a bit disappointed when I first laid eyes upon the “Ekerse theaterzaal”. It sounded rather posh, but in reality the small, old fashioned and cheerless hall looked in nothing like a “theaterzaal”.
When I arrived, there was hardly a soul on the premises. Ampie was sitting at the entrance next to a guy selling tickets. How I felt like saying to him that he should let other people do this work for him and that he should have a chat with me instead, but I kept my mouth shut like a true coward. I wandered about a bit and checked out the lavatory. This proved to be a great challenge. It could have been a nice concept for a game: find the door with a lock that actually functions and, moreover, find the toilet paper!
It took me a while to recover from those first impressions, but I wasn’t planning to let that ruin my evening, so I opened up my heart to the support act, or at least I tried to.
What was I thinking in saying that Zita Swoon might be the surprise act? How I would have loved this, though: Chris Chameleon singing a duet with Stef Kamil Carlens … this would surely be any girl’s wet dream – if we could have those, that is!
Instead, the surprise act turned out to be a local band playing surf music. In their neat suits combined with Hawaiian shirts, they were adequately dressed for that purpose too! I failed to catch the name of the band, unfortunately ("The incredible sucking spongies" I was told later on!), and I failed to catch most of their gig too I’m afraid, since a major part of the audience obviously didn’t care.
I must admit that I’m not really into surf music, but I do find it rather amusing. The younger part of the audience seemed to be sceptical, except for a few brave girls who were obviously already warming up for Boo! The elder part of the audience, however, seemed to be rather enjoying the Shadow-like surf music.
Now well, of course it isn’t that easy to be Boo!’s support act: either you should already have a considerable fan club, or you should be as nuts as the members of Boo! themselves, like Yumi Yumi for example. The support act surely wasn’t bad, but everyone was waiting for …

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Bedankt voor deze rechtzetting! Ik was inderdaad ook wel bang dat het een zittend concert zou worden in een theaterzaal. Boo! en zitten gaan echt wel niet samen hé. Dan nog liever dansen in een kleiner en minder mooi zaaltje!

Julie juliehael@hotmail.com
2004-03-30, 18:33:51
Support act
De support act heette "The incredible sucking spongies". De man die af en toe iets door de microfoon riep is een leraar van het Sint Lambertusinstituut (daar ga ik dus ook naar school). And I was one of the brave girls! :p Groetjes, Tine (geen Spongies-fan, maar toch.)

Tine (nogmaals) tinetjepopinetje@hotmail.com
2004-03-30, 18:30:00
Je hebt gelijk, de zaal waar BOO! optrad heeft niets weg van een theaterzaal... Simpelweg omdat dat niet de Ekerse Theaterzaal was! De Ekerse Theaterzaal lag achter het podium, waar de bandleden uit de deuren kwamen. De zaal waar het dan wel doorging, was de foyer van de theaterzaal (of de refter van het Sint Lambertusinstituut). Vorig jaar was het oorspronkelijk wel de bedoeling dat BOO! in de theaterzaal optrad, maar ze weigerden dat te doen, omdat mensen zich moeten amuseren en moeten kunnen dansen, en dat kan je niet als je in ongemakkelijke stoeltjes zit natuurlijk. Daarom doen ze het in de foyer/refter. Waarom er dan overal staat dat het in de theaterzaal te doen is, is gewoon omdat mensen het dan gemakkelijk weten te vinden... Ik hoop dat je 't leuk vond, maar daar twijfel ik niet aan. :) Groetjes! Tine (eveneens grote BOO!-fan)

Tine tinetjepopinetje@hotmail.com

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