Belgian Afrobeat Association at FNAC Forum Ghent 28/05

Ever been to a concert at 11:15 on a Friday morning? We just did.

Yesterday, while I was emptying my junk mail folder I came across a FNAC newsletter announcing a mini concert by The Belgian Afrobeat Association (in short, Baba) at FNAC Ghent. As I am currently enjoying a two-week break off work, I couldn’t miss that opportunity, now could I? The more so because it was thanks to similar miniconcerts that I discovered folk bands such as Shantalla and Urban Trad and, as you’ll notice, I’m always on the lookout for new discoveries.

I never would have thought that one could squeeze so many people on the tiny little triangular stage at FNAC “Forum”, which is somewhat the size of a living room (the entire "Forum" I mean, not the stage!)! It was more like a private concert: there were let’s say about 20 people. Well, not surprising on a weekday and given the fact that the poor students should be swotting for their exams right now.

Anyway, those Baba guys really treated us to an exotic start of the day with their conga rhythms combined with three saxophones, two guitars, a bass and drum. As it happens, there was an exhibition of African wildlife pictures going on at the FNAC Forum. How very suited to the occasion! And the Baba guys were all wearing khaki outfits. I almost pictured myself on safari… and that while I should be studying for my evening classes Polish! Well, I can say “Jedziemy do Afryki” (We are going to Africa) in Polish, but I doubt whether this will do to pass my exam!


The Belgian Afrobeat Association official website: http://www.baba.be

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