"Furatum alci Provinciam" by Corvus Corax

How about some medieval music for a change?
You can currently listen to "Furatum alci Provinciam" by Corvus Corax.

Please let me know whether the music player actually functions on your computer (it doesn't work on mine!).

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Qntal and Corvus Corax perform in Hannover on 25 June

While I was searching for Qntal tourdates (I’m dying to see them again!!), I came across the following event.


Between 19 and 27 June there will be a big medieval event in Hannover called “Ritterfestspiele Herrenhäusen”.


On Friday 25 June the following bands are scheduled:


More info: http://www.ringwelt.net


I just adore that kind of medieval music, but I’m afraid I won’t make it all the way over there. Sometimes I wished I lived in Germany!

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Music on Ad Mortem Festinamus

Here's the plan!
Every two or three days I would like to focus on a new track, related to one of the reviews or announcements. If you drop by regularly you will be introduced to lots of new music, which you might not have known even existed. Sometimes, you'll probably say 'what the hell...', sometimes you might say 'mmmmm, not bad at al'.
I will keep a list of the tracks that you could hear on AMF, so as to give you the opportunity to look it up if you'd be interested.

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Welcome to the new web address of Ad Mortem Festinamus!!!
Due to some inexplicable problem with the previous address "ad-mortem-festinamus.skynetblogs.be" (resulting in disappearing links), I have moved my weblog to http://amf.skynetblogs.be.
Please be so kind as to update your links and bookmarks!!!
Unfortunately, this means that I've lost all my comments and, of course, my counter.
It was a huge task to move all reviews, but I finally managed.
I only have to add the links to my photoalbums in the left column, but you can consult the albums via my link page. 
I also still have to replace the links to the reviews on my linkspage.

I hope all problems with my url are solved now! I'm ready for a fresh start!

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Obatala at De Vooruit 28/05

Well, what a tropical day it was Friday… and this was not just caused by those first rays of sunshine we had lately! Not only did I start my day with an exotic miniconcert by the Belgian Afrobeat Association at FNAC Ghent, but, completely out of the blue, I was also given a free ticket for Obatala at Vooruit in Ghent (How I love it when people give their tickets away because they have to attend a wedding!).

Obatala is a combo, established by percussionist Kobe Proesmans, which unites musicians of bands such as El Tattoo del Tigre, the Internationals, Gabriel Rios, Zita Swoon, Wawadadakwa (there we have them again!), and … Belgian Afrobeat Association (isn’t it a small world?). I just KNEW I’d seen contrabass player, Steven Van Gool, and guitarist, Simon Pleysier, some place before in the very recent past!

Every time, the combo invites some guests to fill in the vocal parts, thus setting out on a musical journey through a wealth of genres.

This time the collaboration featured Laïs’ Natalie Delcroix and Yorunn Bauweraerts, Kadril’s Eva de Roovere and the Haitian Marlene Dorcena. Four beautiful voices, that’s for sure.

Their musical journey took us from soul and jazz (you should see Thomas De Prins behind that piano!) to Afro-Cuban music.

It generally was Natalie and Yorunn who provided the soul and jazz solos, and with their retro outfit they really looked the part too! Marlene and Eva mainly took care of the African part. At several times I even got goose bumps, especially during the song in which Eva doesn’t actually sing but more like screams with such an emotion that it almost seized me by the throat.

The atmosphere was intimate and Obatala’s performance was relaxed: anything was possible, nothing, nothing was forbidden. It wasn’t at all polished: the girls were whispering in between or even during the songs (how I wondered what they were saying!) for example, but that didn’t really matter. They all seemed to have fun and the audience did too (although we were glued to our chairs once again), so that’s what’s important. Junior Mtombeni is, as he said so himself, not really a hero when it comes to doing the talking in between the songs, but this was largely compensated by his musical inspiration. The guy plays tons of big and small percussion instruments! And he can also produce the weirdest jungle sounds (Eva isn’t bad at it either!), which brings me to my final reflection: Obatala really should meet Chris Chameleon, the lead singer and master entertainer of Boo! (Cfr. my Boo! reviews) This would surely be a promising blend!

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Kristof in the spotlight

Well, being n° 3499 must be very frustrating. Moreover, I think I missed out on 3500 again, for my counter already displays a higher number and I haven't received any sign of n° 3500 yet.
Pffff, that counter is rubbish anyway!
Therefore, I'd like to present: visitor n° 3499: http://kristof.willen.be/!
Just my way of saying thank you for visiting AMF.
I hope I'm not bothering you too much with all that visitor number X stuff, but I really enjoy putting a visitor in the spotlight from time to time, especially when they have got their own website or weblog.

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Eén twee cha cha cha... Wawadadakwa

In view of Wawadadakwa’s performance at Den Hemel in Scherpenheuvel on Sunday 30 May, you can listen to an extract of their music. Just click that play button!

All together now: “Eén twee cha-cha-cha”!

Wawadadakwa is closely related to the Belgian Afrobeat Association, whom I just saw at Fnac Ghent. You can read my impressions below. Enjoy!

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Belgian Afrobeat Association at FNAC Forum Ghent 28/05

Ever been to a concert at 11:15 on a Friday morning? We just did.

Yesterday, while I was emptying my junk mail folder I came across a FNAC newsletter announcing a mini concert by The Belgian Afrobeat Association (in short, Baba) at FNAC Ghent. As I am currently enjoying a two-week break off work, I couldn’t miss that opportunity, now could I? The more so because it was thanks to similar miniconcerts that I discovered folk bands such as Shantalla and Urban Trad and, as you’ll notice, I’m always on the lookout for new discoveries.

I never would have thought that one could squeeze so many people on the tiny little triangular stage at FNAC “Forum”, which is somewhat the size of a living room (the entire "Forum" I mean, not the stage!)! It was more like a private concert: there were let’s say about 20 people. Well, not surprising on a weekday and given the fact that the poor students should be swotting for their exams right now.

Anyway, those Baba guys really treated us to an exotic start of the day with their conga rhythms combined with three saxophones, two guitars, a bass and drum. As it happens, there was an exhibition of African wildlife pictures going on at the FNAC Forum. How very suited to the occasion! And the Baba guys were all wearing khaki outfits. I almost pictured myself on safari… and that while I should be studying for my evening classes Polish! Well, I can say “Jedziemy do Afryki” (We are going to Africa) in Polish, but I doubt whether this will do to pass my exam!


The Belgian Afrobeat Association official website: http://www.baba.be

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Björn's reflections

While I’m not sure whether or not this is the message behind it, I feel I have to say something about Baba’s outfit. All band members were wearing green military shirts that were adorned with four glossy colourful vertical ribbons. To me this reflected the eternal paradox of war-ridden Africa, where somehow the joyfulness of life represented by those colourful materials always manages to get the upper hand. It’s a statement that reflects the indomitable joie de vivre of Africa and as such reflects the lively joyful music of the land very well. Or am I just talking through the back of my neck, right now, given the fact there was actually only one visibly African band member? Anyway, I thought it an interesting theory.

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Visitors in the spotlight

From time to time, I want to put one of my visitors in the spotlights!

Here you’ll find a list of those visitors with a link to the article I wrote about them and/or a link to their website:


My article

Their weblog / website


And the winner is…

Reversed Evolution


Thank you Skynet!



Garmarna live on the internet


Kristof Willen

Kristof in the spotlight



A word of thanks



CMS in the spotlight


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Garmarna live on the internet

 If you’d like to watch the live performance of Garmarna at the Kennedy Center on 25 September 2002, proceed as follows:
  1. Make sure Real Player is installed on your computer.

  2. Click here.

  3. Successively click “2002” – “September” – “25” – “Search”.

  4. Click “Garmarna-Sep 25 2002 6:00 PM”.

  5. Click “Play”.

With special thanks to Nycgy, who posted this link as a comment under my Garmarna review.

Apparently, Nycgy also loves folk music as well as new wave (way to go!!!), for Nycgy’s website features both Garmarna and Joy Division stuff. Moreover, if you’re looking for beautiful pictures of France, Ireland, Norway, Zanzibar, Kenya and Senegal, then http://users.pandora.be/nycgy/ certainly is the place to be! Thanks again Nycgy!

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Tracks in the spotlight

Here you'll find an overview of the tracks that I've put in the spotlight:



My article


“Herr Mannelig” by Garmarna






"Furatum alci Provinciam" by Corvus Corax



“Name der Rose” by Qntal



“Duv Mafia” by Boo!



“Lucki” by Boo!



“Refugee” by Oi Va Voi



“Yesterday's mistakes” by Oi Va Voi



“Another night in” by Tindersticks



"Gorecki" by Lamb



"Master of puppets" by Metallica



"Plainsong" by The Cure



"For Johny/Bocht agus sona" by Doolin



"20 Miles as the Wolf Runs"



"Release" by Afro Celt Sound System



"Je t'emmène au vent" by Louise Attaque



"Bitterkeit" by L'âme Immortelle



"Abuse" by Anne Clark



"Krusti" by Boo!



"Rented rooms" by Tindersticks



"Blechpfeiferl" by Schandmaul

"Yulunga" by Dead Can Dance





"In A Fullmoon Procession" by Haggard

"Honour" by VNV Nation 







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I’d like to do a little experiment. Ad Mortem Festinamus is a weblog about music, but try as I may to introduce you to all kinds of bands by writing reviews and publishing pictures, you still don’t know what the music actually sounds like, do you? Therefore, I’d like to add music to my weblog. Mind you, I don’t want to impose my music upon you, so you’ll have to press the play button on your own initiative. Who knows, some people might be visiting this weblog at work, and I wouldn’t want them to wake up the whole office as soon as they enter my realm of music!

I hope all will go well from a technical point of view. If the player in the upper right corner doesn’t display properly or if you don’t hear any music, then you have a problem. I know what it’s like, because I actually have the same problem on my computer at home and I don’t find any solution. I’ll probably need a plug-in, but I haven’t got a clue which one.


Anyway, the first song I’d like to present to you is “Herr Mannelig” by the Swedish folk band Garmarna (you can now push that play button to hear the extract!).

You may  remember that I mentioned it not so long ago after discovering an Italian version of that song on the brand new album of the symphonic metal band Haggard (See: “A bridge between folk, gothic and metal").


If you want to read some Garmarna reviews while listening, be my guest!

Here’s my review

Here’s Anouschka’s review.

But first, have your mind switch to Dutch again, ‘cause both reviews are written in Dutch.


Any feedback on this musical experiment is welcome (please, also inform me if you’re having technical problems… every beginning is hard) !!!!

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Daft festival in Waregem on 22/05

Full circle

In fact, it was for nostalgia’s sake that I went to the Daft festival at the Steeple in Waregem.

I didn’t know any of the bands beforehand, except for Hybryds, because I own a “Head your mind” compilation CD, dating back to 1993 (Gee, I’m getting old!) featuring two Hybryds tracks. I was introduced to this type of “floating” music by a friend of mine who was very into psychedelic music, ambient and soundscapes.

You can imagine my surprise when I came across the name “Hybryds” in the “dark” world of gothic, electro and industrial!

After more then ten years I’ve come full circle…


With the circumspection of a chess-player, Magthea was pushing and pulling switches and turning buttons while alternately putting on his earphones and leaving them off again. That might sound extremely boring to you, but I found it rather intriguing.

By the way, the name Magthea comes from “Magisch Theater”, a place where everything is possible, and is taken from “Der Steppenwolf”, an exquisite but extremely complicated book written by one of my favourite authors, Hermann Hesse.

Hybryds’ delightfully floating soundscapes were supported by matching video projections. At first, although sexually explicit, the projections were merely artistic, in beautiful shades of yellow. However, soon they began featuring images of bondage sex. Call me a sissy, but I’m not really into that stuff and I think I never will. On the other hand, there’s no denying that, from an artistic and technical point of view, the projections were rather impressive. Towards the end, slogans were projected, such as “Whether we want to admit it or not, we are designed as sexual beings”… No denying it, but I’ll skip the bondage, thank you (unless I get to hold the whip...)!


After Hybryds, we were in for two industrial bands. I must admit that listening to industrial is not really my favourite pastime, but the whole point of Ad Mortem Festinamus is inciting people to broaden their horizons, so I have to set an example, right? (of course, I won’t broaden my horizons infinitely: for example German and Dutch schlagers really are beyond the limit!)



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Bad Religion @ AB on 19/05

Why on earth am I thinking ‘bout that guy from Violet Stigmata right now? Maybe because he’s got ab-so-lu-tely nothing to do with the following review. Aaaah, Bad Religion… Takes one back, doesn’t it? I mean, these guys were doing the punk thing when I was in kindergarten, and I’m 27. Don’t know if you read the BR (or bs, more like it) review in De Morgen, but I actually like the band I’m about to review, ain’t that something!

The Ancienne Belgique was sold out weeks before the concert, which isn’t half bad for a bunch of old-timers like Bad Religion. Like singer Greg Graffin said during the show: Bad Religion would have no claim to a place on that stage at this point of their career, if it wasn’t for the fans, who’ve been supporting them for an astoundingly long time.


Did they soundcheck during the afternoon? Possibly, since they started off the second they got on stage, and didn’t stop until the fourth song or so. Sound at the beginning wasn’t that great, that is to say, Greg’s voice was drowning somewhat in the instrumental violence. But power is part of the punk tradition, right? The audience sure didn’t seem to mind: the second the drums kicked in, it was good old Oi!-pit time in front of the stage. Having suspected this somewhat, I had decided to drag my old bones up to the first floor. What? If I died out there, who would’ve written the review, ey? The thing about Bad Religion is that you kinda feel sorry that they’re an American band. I mean, come on guys, don’t confirm all the clichés we have about stupid Americans by saying we speak Belgian here, p-llllease... As they have always done, there was some kicking the shin of the authorities to go through as well, but when that was out of the way, I really enjoyed myself. I even had a couple of goose bump moments (they’re telling, I tell you!) during some of the songs. The audience seemed to agree, as they did their very best to get onto the stage and join in the fun. The security guys kept getting in their way, even when they came from above, surfin’ over the crowd. Then two guys from up on the balconies got the idea to slide down the posts right onto the stage, where they started doing the cancan with Greg, who didn’t seem to mind a few extra souls on stage and just kept singing one song after the next. Among my high points of the evening were Do what you want, Atomic Garden, 21st Century Digital Boy, Fuck Armageddon & Punk Rock song.


The great thing about Bad Religion is that their songs actually have something to say, and sometimes include words of –get this- more than two syllables!!!! No, seriously, I’m not kidding, it’s a nice change to see a word like ‘incongruous’ appear in a bloody punk song.

Bad Religion smelling like a bodybag? No sirree! They haven’t lost a bit of punch over the years. Check the number of shows they’re doing these days and say: “respect!” If anything, they are alive ‘n kickin’. Or were those some other guys?

Review by Björn

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A bridge between folk, gothic and metal

Today, I went on a shopping spree. No, don’t be scared, I didn't buy any clothes!

I really felt like buying lots of CDs, so I dragged my boyfriend to the record shop and we indulged in buying the following albums:

I guess those albums are a bit of a consolation prize for not being able to go to the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig and for not being able to attend Haggard’s performance at Castle Rock in Mülheim.


In fact, I wanted to tell you something about the new Haggard album: “Eppur Si Muove”.

As it happens, it contains an Italian track called “Herr Mannelig”, the Swedish version of which also appears on the exquisite album “Guds Spelemän” by the folk band Garmarna.

This proves again that it’s a thin line between gothic, folk and even metal…and that’s exactly what “Ad Mortem Festinamus” is all about: building bridges between gothic, folk and metal.


PS: You can read my reviews on the performances of Qntal, God Module and Decoded Feedback at the Invitation 2004. You also can read two reviews on Garmarna’s performance at CC De Stroming in Sleidinge. All those reviews are written in Dutch.

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Helder @ Het Magazijn on 19 May

I didn’t really intend to write a review of Helder’s performance at “Het Magazijn”, let’s say I was “off duty”, but the urge to write prevails again.

Helder started their gig with the beautiful song “So well”, but unfortunately things didn’t go so well for them, as singer/guitarist Helder already broke a string of his guitar after a few chords.

I think it was a bad omen… The second song really rocked, but the audience didn’t seem to care too much about the activities going on on the stage. If I thought that the audience in JH Het Zwaantje was disrespectful (cfr. my previous review), then this audience proved that things can always be worse. Helder must be a very patient person, for if it had been me, I probably would have asked the audience “Shall I go outside while you are chattering away, or don’t you mind me singing somewhere in the background?” (but then again, I’m a real hard-ass bitch [dixit boyfriend]).

Why is it that people always feel the urge to start telling their lives during a performance? Why don’t they just organise a dinner party at home instead of disturbing the others who do want to listen?

Not that there was anything wrong with the quality of the performance, mind you!

Helder was in good voice and the other musicians were also beyond reproach, albeit that they all seemed to lack energy, which is not surprising, given the scorching heath in the small venue, the lack of beverage for the band members (the drummer had to order some drinks at the bar during the performance!) and the impassive crowd.

After the performance, Toki, the devoted Helder fan who surprised us at the end of their performance in St-Martens-Latem (read my previous review), jumped back on stage in order to try and surprise us a second time. Unfortunately, some magic only works once and Helder didn’t really feel like jamming this time. Anyway, it gave Toki another opportunity to sing “Mad world” a cappella, which certainly will have been a good practice for the challenge he will be taking up shortly. Apparently, he entered the singing contest “Idool 2004” and on this very day, 21 May, he will receive his baptism of fire. I wish him all the best.

As for Helder, maybe they should write a letter to Santa Claus and ask for a better audience… or they should just concentrate on the good part of the crowd and forget about the rest!

I truly hope that they will soon start playing at some of the bigger venues, for they deserve it!

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Thank you Skynet!

Yippie! I'm very proud to announce that Ad Mortem Festinamus has been mentioned on Skynetblogs’ start page.

Many thanks to the person who added my weblog!

If you want to promote your own weblog, visit http://blogportaal.skynetblogs.be.

Who knows you might see your weblog appear on Skynet’s start page too! If you're interested in creating your own weblog, drop in at Skynetblogs' start page.

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Metal Female Voices Fest 7 November AB

Pre-sales for the Metal Female Voices Fest at the Ancienne Belgique on 7 November started on 17 May!




More info: http://www.metalorganisation.be/

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Time for celebration

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday

Dear weblog

Happy Birthday to you


Today, it’s exactly 2 months ago that Ad Mortem Festinamus was launched.

I know, normal people celebrate birthdays only once a year. Well, I never said that I was normal, did I?

I’m probably still in a state of euphoria, taking my first steps into this whole weblog business.

It’s a bit like young lovers who, during the first year of their relationship, celebrate their ‘togetherness’ every month. In fact, I have been with my boyfriend for almost six years now and we still celebrate it every month… Let’s be honest, any excuse for a celebration is good enough, isn’t it?

Of course I can’t rule out the possibility that my boyfriend celebrates every month because he’s so glad to have survived another month of nagging. I’d better leave that aside...


Anyway, 2 months, 2600 visitors... I'm a happy woman! 

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Castle Rock Mulheim sold out!

I have just discovered that Castle Rock in Mülheim (Germany) on 3 July is sold out!
There goes my chance to finally see Haggard live...
If you'll excuse me now, I think I'm going to weep my heart out!

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Oi Va Voi: the prequel

It looks like I’m expanding my horizons! On Friday 7 May I explored the world of Klezmer Trip Hop, as far as you can pin that label on Oi Va Voi’s music. Only a few months ago, I heard the word “Klezmer” for the first time through my Polish language teacher. Since I didn’t have the faintest idea of what Klezmer was and, to be honest, since it sounded rather dull to me, I passed up the opportunity. A few weeks later, a friend of mine told me about a promising London-based band called Oi Va Voi. I read a few reviews, in which Oi Va Voi invariably was portrayed as an electrifying live act, thus arousing my curiosity even more! So I was extremely glad when I found out that they performed in Brussels. And now that I’ve seen Oi Va Voi I might change my views on Klezmer. Who knows I might end up going to a Polish Klezmer concert too!

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Oi Va Voi at the Botanique on 07/05/04

It’s really hard to categorize Oi Va Voi’s music. Judging from the album I would have described them as Klezmer Trip Hop, but having seen them live really forces me to look for another description. Less emphasis on lazy, babbling beats… instead, real contemporary dance power combined with traditional Klezmer sounds and influenced by an amazing spectrum of other musical genres!

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Opening with an astounding instrumental tune, Oi Va Voi imme

Opening with an astounding instrumental tune, Oi Va Voi immediately set the pace for the rest of the concert. Violinist Sophie Solomon, who, with her trendy punk look, by no means answers the image most people have in mind of a violinist, stole the show right from the start by playing her violin at the most scorching pace, displaying a wonderful passion. The band’s second song of the night was their hit “Refugee”, sung (and danced to) by the excellent Scottish singer KT Tunstall. On the CD “Laughter Through Tears”, that song certainly is a bull’s eye, but I think the audience wasn’t expecting it that early in the set yet. At that point, they still needed a little bit of warming up, but I can already reveal that somewhat later, the audience would mainly need a lot of cooling down!

I don’t remember the exact order of the playlist, I was actually so busy dancing from the very start that I completely forgot to take notes now and again. I found it impossible to stand still: not only because of the excellent, inviting sound, but also because of Oi Va Voi’s enthusiasm, the fun they have performing and the way KT was happily dancing along every second she was on stage. However, KT wasn’t the only one enrapturing the audience. Trumpet player / vocalist Lemez Lovas, for example, did the same with the rousing song “Gypsy”. Actually, Lemez also enchanted me with “Hora”, an entrancing song about identity, and with his version of “A Csitári Hegyek Alatt”, a tale about lovers, broken arms and rosemary bushes, which he helpfully translated into English for us.

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One of the elements that I find particularly beautiful in Oi

One of the elements that I find particularly beautiful in Oi Va Voi’s music is Steve Levi’s clarinet. It’s an instrument that I’d almost completely forgotten about, because it rarely is given such a prominent role in the types of music that I generally listen to, but it really adds a lot of emotion to the music. Steve Levi also did the vocals on a few songs, such as “Od Yeshoma” and “Yesterday’s mistakes”, which they played last.

That song is an outstanding example of the perfect marriage between Klezmer and dance, combining beautiful English lyrics sung by KT and compelling Yiddish vocals by Steve Levi. It will be their next single, and I hope it will make it to the Belgian charts, for I haven’t been able to get the words out of my head for days now! “I refuse to replay the mistakes that we made yesterday. They were yesterday’s mistakes…”. An excellent motto, don’t you think?

During that song, the audience really went wild and Oi Va Voi was given a standing ovation… Well, not that we were sitting down at first, (I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the reprobate who decides to schedule Oi Va Voi in a room full of comfy chairs!) but you understand me, right? A thunderous applause brought them back on stage and they played “Refugee” a second time. The audience seemed to explode and convincingly joined in with the song. What a magnetic atmosphere there was! Everybody wanted the concert to go on forever and when the musicians left the stage again, the audience just kept on singing “Refugee”, to call them back for a second time, a request the band willingly granted. They seemed genuinely pleased with this warm reception, but they certainly more than deserved it! Try as I might to describe to you the live capacities of Oi Va Voi, it’s something you should experience for yourself, but be careful, they are dynamite!


The official Oi Va Voi website: http://www.oi-va-voi.com

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Oi Va Voi: the sequel

On our way to our friend’s car, the five of us were just chatting about what an amazing concert we had witnessed, when we spotted the car with two jackets lying in the gutter next to it. “Strange, we left our jackets in the boot of the car, didn’t we?” our friends said. Then, it began to dawn on us: window smashed, backpack stolen out of the boot… Its contents? Identity card, driving licence, credit cards, house keys, 200 EUR worth of food and gift vouchers, …

At least two other cars had suffered a similar fate and at least one of the other cars belonged to a couple who also returned from Oi Va Voi’s concert. By the way, those cars all were parked at a distance of 100 m from a police office, which was obviously closed.

Then the trouble started. We stopped a police officer, but he referred us to the office of Schaarbeek, because he was “busy”. Since we didn’t know our way around Schaarbeek and since our driver used to live in Evere, he called the police office in Evere for advice. There, they told him that he should go to the office near Madou. When we finally arrived at Madou and explained our case, the police officer told us: “Sorry, you’re not in the right zone, you should go to the Grand Place”. Maddening, isn’t it? Luckily, one of my friends is a great negotiator and he convinced the officer to do us a favour and draw up a report of the offence. Three of us stayed in a waiting room for a whole hour, while the two others were explaining everything. And you know what? When push came to shove, we turned out to be in the “right” zone!

Like true fakirs, sitting on bits and pieces of glass on the back seat of the car, we started our trip back to Ghent at 2:00 A.M. in the morning.

Well, the thieves damaged the car and were able to steal a backpack, but, at least, they couldn’t deprive us of the great concert we’d attended!

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Celtic festival in Gijzegem on 30 April

I learned a lot of new things this Friday! For instance, I now can point out the hamlet called “Gijzegem” on the map of Belgium. Moreover, I learned that Gijzegem has a great taste in music, as the local school organised a wonderful folk festival featuring Failte, Aedo, Helen Flaherty together with Daithi Rua and Aidan Burke and, as top of the bill, Kadril.

On the road to Gijzegem, I feared the worst, for it started pouring with rain. I was already considering a potential caption for this article: “Failte festival: four-hour shower of folk music”. At that point, I didn’t know yet that it wouldn’t be the small-scale open-air festival that I thought it would be.

The concerts took place in a tent, and a considerable one, too! Moreover, on the green pasture, there were a couple of booths selling food, clothes, etc. In short, Gijzegem was very well prepared!

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Failte is an occasional band consisting of roughly 30 pupils of the Sint-Vincentiusinstituut.

Unfortunately, I missed their concert, for I really couldn’t make it to Gijzegem that early in the evening. However, during her performance, Helen Flaherty congratulated them on their wonderful performance, so I trust they did very well!

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So far for my theory that Fluxus is the only folk band using a saxophone! Aedo’s front man, Pieter De Meester, also plays the sax, and how! Although the band members are all rather young, they are pretty shrewd at setting a whole audience on fire. Seldom have I seen so many people dancing with such an enthusiasm! By the way, compliments to the audience! It wouldn’t surprise me if the pupils of Sint-Vincentiusinstituut have been practising the “andro”, the “scottish”, the “bourrée”, the “reel” and the “jig” over and over again in  gym class!

By the end of the year, Aedo will release their first full cd. They will present it in “De Centrale” in Ghent on 24 September and in “Volkshuis St-Gillis” in Brussels on 25 September. I’m really looking forward to it, for Aedo rocks! Well, you know what I mean… "Aedo folks!” would sound a bit funny, wouldn't it?

Aedo’s official website: http://www.aedo.be

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Helen Flaherty, Aidan Burke and Daithi Rua

For the occasion, Helen Flaherty left her four Irishmen (cfr. Shantalla) at home and let fiddler Aidan Burke and guitarist Daithi Rua accompany her. Normally, it would have been Philip Masure who accompanied her on the guitar, but the audience didn’t really seem to mind that Daithi Rua replaced him. On the contrary, the pupils obviously had met him before!

I don’t know whether Helen wound the audience round her little finger or vice versa, but one thing’s for sure: repeatedly both the audience and Helen declared their love to one another. I already knew that she is a more than accomplished singer, but what I didn’t know is that she’s a great dancer too! There she was, happily hopping while Aidan Burke was playing the fiddle at the most dazzling speed.

Next to these fast tunes, the set mainly included a fair amount of songs in which Helen as well as Daithi displayed their vocal talents. I feared a bit that the younger people in the crowd would lose their interest during those slower songs, but even they stayed focused and treated the band time and again to a warm applause and lots of cheers. As you can see, it was a joyful performance at a warm-hearted festival!

Helen Flaherty’s official website: http://www.helenflaherty.be

Daithi Rua’s official website: http://daithirua.com

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