A word of thanks

Well, in less than 3 months the counter is approaching n° 4000. Time to thank a few people!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who regularly visits Ad Mortem Festinamus: without you it wouldn’t be half as much fun! Keep on posting your comments, I adore some interaction!

Secondly, I’d like to thank the guys from Boo! for their warm reception of my reviews.

Also a big thank you to the following convinced monkipunkers for linking to Ad Mortem Festinamus:



I’d also like to thank Shantalla for their nice reaction to my review and for publishing it on their site. Today I even discovered that they have been mentioning it temporarily on their start page!

Many thanks to Jeugdhuis het Zwaantje for publishing my review of Helder in their members’ magazine.

And another thank you to Folkroddels for being a great website and for giving people the chance to publish their own folk reviews and pics on their site.

Congratulations to Celtic Bompa, as -if I’m not mistaken- it was he who taught the pupils of Gijzegem how to dance to folk music. And as you can read in my Aedo review he did a great job! I urgently ought to take some dancing classes too! Anyway, Celtic Bompa sent me a very positive reaction, so “merci”.

Finally I’d like to thank Viviane, the driving force behind blog-tips and the blog-tips forum, and all fellow bloggers mentioned in the right column, for their technical and other support!

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hip hip hoera! jajaja amaai zeg, gij zijt echt wel in de wolken met uw blogje hé ;-))))
bij dze wensik u nog veel meer plezier dan ge nu al hebt! ;-)

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