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Let me introduce you to one of my favourite fellow bloggers. He’s called CMS and you can enter his cage of thoughts by visiting http://cms.skynetblogs.be.

I don’t know much about him, but I do know he has a wide-ranging taste in music. He’s also not adverse to pictures of beautiful women. In fact, I think he’s quite a lover of photographs in general, especially of the artistic ones.

Moreover, he has got something going with cows… arty cows that is! You’ll see it when you’ll get there. So it’s not a coincidence that I published this picture next to the article. I took it this afternoon while on a beautiful walk in the vicinity of Westvleteren (after we had just bought a crate of the best beer in the world, or so was I told by my boyfriend for I don’t drink beer anyway)! Maybe this picture wouldn’t be out of place in his collection?

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a free tour in my Cage of Thoughts My dear Aisling, I must admit! I'm pretty surprised and honoured to see that you think my little blog has something "hot". And moreover, I'm quite satisfied with the discription you give me. :) Indeed My Brussel-Cows are really cool, even if I say it myself, we weren't able to picture them all, (Ter Kamerenbos and Heizel, were too far away to go to in our short noon-break at work) and we've got some other pics that weren't displayed in my album on my blog, in particular cows and beautiful girls ;-):p:p:p. I'd say that best beeer in the world isn't Carlsberg? but Stella?
Euhm...I hope I'm will not be overwhemled by visitors now...I hate traffic jams while surfing ;-))))
Anyway Aisling: thanx!

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