Dour 15-18 July

The gods must be smiling down on me. The three bands that I wanted to see at the festival in Dour are scheduled on the same day! I wasn’t sure that I’d go to the festival, certainly not for more than one day, but now that I know that both Boo!, Oi Va Voi and the gothic band London After Midnight are all scheduled on the 16th of July, I cannot allow the opportunity to pass, can I?

So, you’ll probably find me in the front row at the Club Circuit Marquee during the performance of Boo!, Oi Va Voi and maybe Think of One. After that, I’ll probably seek out darker places, i.e. the Magic Tent, to check out Oomph!, The Crüxshadows, London After Midnight and Male or Female.

I only hope the gods will smile down on me when I ask a day off at work too, for the 16th of July is actually a Friday.


In the weeks to come I will organize a modest “Dour special” by putting some of the bands I mentioned in this article in the spotlight.

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dour although it's not that far away form my place, I've never managed to get my ass up there...maybe I should try harder? ;-)
you're the 13001st visitor, well that seems worth it enough to get some price, doesn't it?
well, maybe you can pose with a cow and I'll take a picture of that? :p:p:p

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Hey vakantie gansters Geniet er maar van met a zo een weerken!!


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