"Duv Mafia" by Boo!

You can currently listen to an extract of “Duv Mafia” by Boo (Only if you click that play button, of course). This rather slow track is not really representative of the songs they play during their gigs, as they mainly play up-tempo songs, but I like it a lot. Most of the jungle noises that you hear are not produced by means of a keyboard, but by Chris and Ampie themselves. I think this song perfectly illustrates their vocal skills and their sense of humor!


Here are the links to the Boo! reviews:

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  • Jan Lissens’ review of the gig in Scherpenheuvel on 20 March

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If you want to know more, you can listen to a (quite extensive) radio broadcast recorded on 22 May or have a look at the official Boo! website.

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