I thought I was a tough lady, always able to handle situations (except for the situation of keeping my house clean, but who needs a clean house when there are so many interesting things out there?). However, I frowned my brows, scratched my head and asked myself “are you really a tough lady?”.

After a few moments of introspection, the answer came as a big shock to me!

How tough can you be:

·  if you start crying as soon as something nasty happens to one of the characters in your favourite soap series?

·  if tears start rolling down your cheeks, when one of the good guys dies in a movie, or, even worse, when something bad happens to an animal in the movie?

·  if you once managed to cry during half of a Tindersticks concert?


Another disillusion: so much for being tough!

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I rest my case... Hei Julie,

Uw eerlijkheid siert u ! En vergeet niet: "De sterkste mens is diegene, die ook zijn zwakke kanten durft laten zien" (of zoiets...)



Gepost door: Fliep | 22-06-04

hmmm why needing to be a tough lady, while you're a sensitive lady?
i prefer the emotional "sensitive" side ;-)
getting in touch with the world around... :)
and that's not the writer, but an inside joke! :p:p:p:p

Gepost door: CMS | 22-06-04

Reply to my dear visitors Thank you Filip; then I'm a strong lady after all! :-)
Anyway, allow me to enjoy playing at being tough (I do have to defend my reputation of being dominant!) :-p

Gepost door: Aisling | 22-06-04

Don't you think .. Somethimes crying is a sign of strength

Gepost door: Free my Soul | 23-06-04

Waarom... zouden we ons altijd sterk moeten tonen?

Gepost door: MJ | 24-06-04

Tough Liever iemand die haar gevoelens toont, dan tracht te verbergen en ze op te kroppen!!

Bloggroetjes (enne, ik heb nog altijd geen potloodje ontvangen hoor!!)

Gepost door: Pliske | 24-06-04

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