Assignment 1 for CMS

Dear CMS,


Thank you for accepting the challenge! You are very brave indeed.

The first assignment will be easy. I think it might please your female supporters.

This is the title: 101 reasons why I’m irresistible

(To avoid all confusion: I=CMS, I myself might be irresistible too, but that's classified information).

If you don’t find 101 reasons, 10 will do… and if you don’t find 10 reasons, you’ll just have to lie…

Don’t forget, you’ll have to add a picture too! Shall we finally get to see you in some irresistible pose or other? Who knows! Maybe you should ask MJ to do the photo session? Anyway, good luck!

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ok, yuou get my answer onthat one nex tweek....
you post it on your blog!

and MJ has to win a price to be albe to make a fotoshoot of me
and nobody will ever see me on a picture that I spread spontaneoulsy.
that picutre was included as a price,yoiu've got your chance.

Gepost door: cms | 25-06-04

Wowwww.. This gonna beeeeee funnnnn ;-)

Gepost door: viviane | 25-06-04

I bear the burden of AMF morituri te salutant!
verdikke "manipulative bitch", iedereen is onder uw slecht invloed gekomen en ik begin zo stilaan podiumvrees te krijgen...seffen sheb ik een writersblock wegens al die druk op mijn tere schoudertjes en zakt mijn strakke kontje ineen...uit schaamte...lol
nee hoor beste Fee der Schermerzone, ik heb de handschoen opgenomen met opgeheven hoofd! en ik slijp mijn pennen en doop ze in de zwarte inkt...magische vlekken zullen verworden tot mijn redenen voor mijn Onweerstaanbaarheid! ;-)

Gepost door: cms | 25-06-04

Photoshoot of the IRRESISTABLE CMS Ondertussen heb ik alles al in gereedheid gebracht voor een fotosessie van CMS, 'k was al lang op zoek naar een "onweerstaanbaar" mannelijk naakt!

Gepost door: MJ | 26-06-04

Hihi Now Aisling, this is the coolest idea ever you could come up with :-D

Gepost door: Twinkeltje | 26-06-04

the full monty I was wondering, why does every woman wanna see me naked and in full armour?
I think I'm really irresistable...but irresistibility means being lonely at the top...so maybe that's why irresistable people only become lovers in dreams...and stay single in life? :p
@MJ: are you really sure you're cam has got a sufficiënt angle??? :p:p:p:p

Gepost door: CMS | 27-06-04

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