A new challenge for CMS

Dear CMS,

I think you will be eager to discover your next assignment. It might be a little bit complicated, but I’m confident that you’ll manage very well again.

This time, I’ll give you a quotation that should inspire you in writing a rather philosophical article. However, I won’t publish the quotation as such. First, you’ll have to search for it yourself. (Do I hear the word “bitch” echoing through the deepest of cyber dimensions?)

The quotation consists of 7 words and I asked 7 people to publish 1 word on their weblog. (I was not mistaken, I truly hear the word “bitch” resounding!). The only thing you have to do is collect the words, solve the puzzle and start writing.


This is how it works:

1. Because it’s difficult to ask 7 people to publish something at one point in time, I will gradually reveal the weblogs where you’ll have to search, after I’ve received the confirmation that they published it.

2. If you have collected your 7 words and solved the puzzle, I’d strongly advise you to check the quotation on the internet: we do want the words to be in the right order!

3. And then you can finally start writing (and don’t forget the picture)!


The following master webloggers were ready to cooperate (thanks everyone!!):









One more to go, and what's more, it's the most important word that's still missing!

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~~~ Dit is echt een top idee!

Gepost door: Free my Soul | 27-06-04

ahum: clearing something up! something wicked this ways comes methinks!
it was a contest giving people a chance to win a price! the meaning of a contest is not teasing and torturing the one that gives the price away!!!!
you really are the most devilish wicked witch I've ever known...
I make the rules! not you! remeber!
But as I'm truly invincible, I'll take this challenge...
you let go of the 5-typing-errors rules! I will neglect that rule! and you give me the right order ofg the words! ('cos I can't count!!!!)
sorry..it's monday morning and I'm all pissed off...(and I didn't went to pee yet!)
so I'll look at those shitty blogs you've put here in search of the first words...philosophical you said? hmmm....how shall we manage that?
I need some shit girl! ;-) It'll get me dreamy ;-) and inspired!

Gepost door: CMS | 28-06-04

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