CMS strikes back!

Well, well, well! CMS has acquitted himself very well of his first task!

You can read the result at: http://cms.skynetblogs.be.

What do you think ladies? Are we satisfied? If I listen carefully, I think I can hear murmurs of approval… Congrats, you cunning old fox!

I must say that I found at least six typing errors in your first paragraph, but obviously you didn’t count it in, so for once I will show mercy on you.

Are you ready for the next one then? Or would you prefer a short break now?

I’m pretty sure that you’re dying to impress us all once again, aren’t you?

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@CMS Quote: "@MJ: are you really sure you're cam has got a sufficiënt angle??? :p:p:p:p "

....Ik heb een fisheye (180°) dat zou moeten lukken...

Gepost door: MJ | 27-06-04

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