CMS did it again

Well, he did it again, our Creative Majestic Servant! Hardly had I turned my back or divine inspiration took control of him… Are you curious to read the result? Visit http://cms.skynetblogs.be/. CAUTION: don’t read his philosophical masterpiece in the morning, or you will feel groggy for a whole day! Tell me CMS, are you eager for more???

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quote: "don’t read it the morning,... or you will feel groggy for a whole day"


Gepost door: MJ | 02-07-04

more gimme more aaaaooowwww!!!! I'm yearning for it my Mistress!
and indeed I like to make people feelgorggy for a whole day!!! hahha! my evilgenius (euhm I mean it's the bad influence of Wikked Witch Aisling!!!) I'm not myself anymore!! I don't have my creatviity under control anymore!!!! I broke loose!!
your humble Servant is waiting for his 'turd ' assigment... (:p:p:p:p)
wow Aisling the cure cured your mind! Creative Majestic Servant!!! héhéh nobody ever found a nice word for CMS since a very long time!;-)

Gepost door: CMS | 02-07-04

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