Pictures of Rock Werchter 2004

At last! Here are my pictures of Rock Werchter 2004... Well, maybe "pictures" is not the right word, "screenshots" would be more appropriate...
Click on the links below to visit my photo albums:

The Cure


Ben Harper



Within Temptation


PJ Harvey



In the days to come I will try to publish some reviews too, but I'm afraid I'm going to write them in Dutch, for if I'd write them in English I probably won't succeed in publishing them before the end of the year!

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my 3rd assigment online! yeah and a TURD it is! you did my job! i did my hell of a job!! so the contest is done and fulfilled! I hope my writings have pleased you and were worth your assignments I hop you really enjoyed my price you won! I hope the coöperation can go on! ;-)
so Finally I won't have bad dreams anymore of a dominant witch haunting me down to death with silly assigments! I puke on the word assigment for quite a few weeks already!!! hahahaha!
but I enjoyed it...I'm kinda masochistic you know...my but sick mind has really enjoyed it too! ;-)
Oh man! this was fun! I mean Girl! this was fun!

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