James Brown at Rock Zottegem 10 July

You know, there’s one thing missing on this weblog. It’s a three-letter word that starts with an s and ends with an x. Therefore, I went to see the Grandfather of Soul (or was it the Godfather? I think I’m suffering from selective deafness): Mr. James Brown...

Yeah, that’s right, all you gothic freaks and folky people may well laugh at me, but I really did! And what’s more, I’m a sex machine… it was James Brown himself who said it, so I won’t argue with him! Or was it selective deafness again? Anyway, now that I mentioned the magic word, I will probably gain like an extra of 100 visitors a day. Ain’t that a smart move? Or am I just being my bitchy self again?

Anyway, Mr. Brown and his band kept us waiting for a long time. It was not until the crowd started singing “7 nation army” that his oddly dressed orchestra came on stage (that song always seems to do the trick, lately!). The concert started with an instrumental intro featuring plenty of trumpet, guitar and saxophone solos (in fact the whole concert was like a patchwork quilt of trumpet, guitar and saxophone solos). Already 10 people on stage, but not a sign of Mr. Brown himself. Just as I started thinking that James Brown really was dead, some funny guy came on stage to announce the Godfather of Soul, but not before he’d first called three female background singers on stage. The three graceful ladies incited the audience to ask the Legend of Soul Music himself on stage by singing “get up, get up, get up”. Finally, there he was, still alive and kicking, doing Michael Jackson moves and flirting with the backing singers.

I wouldn’t exactly call him a “Sex machine” these days (actually, I wouldn’t have done that in the old days either, but he probably was a funky dancer). A “Time machine” would’ve been more appropriate.

The whole show was a whirling spiral of orchestral music, backing singers that are overacting and energetic dancers who mainly consisted of big boobs and nice booties (haha, that’s another visitor boost!). I was pretty impressed by the collection of hits that James Brown gathered over the years: Try me, Living in America, It’s a man’s world, I got you and of course “Sex Machine”. And then he didn’t even play “Papa’s got a brand new bag” and “Black Betty”! However, the audience was not entirely convinced. Few people clapped along with the songs and few people were actually dancing on this funky music. I thought it a pity, for I really had expected a party! It was not that hard to enjoy the show, though…all you had to do to have fun was to step into the time machine and let yourself flow on the wave of funky nostalgia.

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sex machine well well well...are you a prostitute?
making yourself a boost of visitors by using the S-word??? :p hmmm well they'll be disapppointed and will never return after they found out you ain't no sex mahcine but Mr Brown used to be one...
hmm big boobs and booties....sound slike fetish! (I just deleted a stupid comment on that)

seems we missed something?

Gepost door: cms | 13-07-04

angelo.skynetblogs.be mr. please please himself, the godfather of soul, the hardest working man in showbizz, jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames brooooown!

it was supergreat, the "brussels"-audience has never been very funky... a shame but i felt the sexmachine in me coming out!

Gepost door: angelo | 14-07-04

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