Anne Clark in the spotlight

At the M'era Luna gothic festival in Hildesheim (Germany) I saw an enchanting accoustic performance by Anne Clark. Her music and her lyrics are pure poetry.
Just listen and /or read for yourself!

We shall come

with all our wealth

and our vulgarity

into your land

carving deep wounds

in our wake

planting the sharped-edged green seed

of money

deep into your hands

and as you grasp


you will thank us

as it takes root

growing and entangling itself

around your simple naive lives

it will placate you

We shall come

hard and fast

into your under-developed

un-exploited little world

tearing away the soil

beneath your feet where you stand

scattering the broken gifts it offers up

all around us

digging the foundations of our own image

into the raw core belly of the earth

send spiralling monuments

to our glorious achievements

into the heavy leaden sky


you will watch from the horizon

imprisoned by your own pleasures

bound by the material chains

we will supply

and when we have turned

one side oft he world's face

from the sun into the blackness

the other will then burn

under the slap of our greed.

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... en blijkbaar genoten van het concert!

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