About flea markets, fairy tales and skeletons: Patersholfeesten

This morning, we went for a stroll in the Ghent neighbourhood called “Patershol”, on the occasion of a cosy little festival called “Patersholfeesten”. As we were wandering through the big flea market in the tiny streets of the Patershol, my boyfriend suddenly dragged me into a kind of chapel to have a look at a colourful exhibition. The artist turned out to be my best friend’s aunt! She creates beautiful fairies, gnomes, frogs, bears, mushrooms and all kinds of fairytale characters and objects. Some of them are moving, others are beautifully illuminated and a few of them even produce sounds.

The old Norbertine chapel certainly is a beautiful setting to this fairy-like exhibition.

And if you look attentively you can discover a hidden piece of art. The stained-glass window over the entrance featuring x-rays of couples making love is a work of art by Wim Delvoye. It’s called “Trans Parity”. I must admit that I can’t really make out what those skeletons are doing, and maybe that’s just as well!


Have a look at my photo album on this wonderful exhibition with its extraordinary setting.


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the superbeast! shit I'll have to return here anyway... :p
but how cute these little creatures are!! very very "fairy-tale "and fantasy-like!! I love it! ;-)
and it just fits your karass! girl!
well...see you next time! :p

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