Bloggers' BBQ meeting in Halle

The world of weblogs is still fairly unknown to many people and if I told them that there actually exists something like a bloggers' community, they would probably frown their brows and change the subject. But it's true, owners of a weblog often visit other weblogs, leave comments and gather at forums. As a result, they slowly get to know each other. And sometimes they decide to meet in real life.
On Friday the 13nd of August, such a bloggers' meeting was organised by Bloodyke and her beloved Thunderke. By the way, if there's one maze in which I'd love to get lost, then it certainly is Bloodyke's poetry maze (although I'd love to get lost in her kitchen too, especially when she's organising a barbecue!).
Bloodyke and Thunderke were perfect hosts to 17 people:

First, we were treated to a wonderful fruit punch with potato crisps and cheese. Yummy! After that, we had a barbecue with excellent meat and enough vegetables to feed a whole army! Again, delicious! And then, Bloodyke had prepared no less than three different desserts: grilled banana with hot chocolate sauce, tiramisu and tiramisu with berries... Fortunately, I had been smart enough to leave some space in my stomach for those delicacies.

Meanwhile, everyone was cosily chatting and both the dogs and the children were often stealing the show. In short, it was a memorable evening that we wouldn't mind repeating. 


Again a big thank you to Bloodyke and Thunderke, to Lonely Angel and her husband for giving us a ride to Ghent and to everyone present for turning the meeting into a pleasant experience!

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on ... the bananas, there was also rhum sprinkled ... ;)
We had also a lovely evening, and thank you again for the lovely roses :) :) :) !!!!

Gepost door: Bloodyke | 16-08-04

pilouke an singha were trying to get roasted...
I never heard a dog grown and moan and growl of lust and satisfactiion like Pilouke..man man man...he had the time of life being kuddles till he almost auhm...*censorship*
rhum? and also alcohol in that delicious tiramisu! there was someone trying to kill me???

Gepost door: cms | 16-08-04

@ CMS When i read some horror stories ... the"beast" never dies ... thought maybe I could try ... but guess what ... They never die indeed ... You're still here :) :) Btw ... in your banana we've just sprinkeled a bit of Rhum ... not like the other banana's :p

Big hugs

Gepost door: Bloodyke | 18-08-04

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