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Well, it’s been far too long since I mentioned the South African dudes of Boo! Shame on me, especially ‘cause they performed in Belgium this weekend at tjok-up-rock in Hove. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there. *looks very sadly in the distance*

However, some of my friends saw the show and published the setlist and some pictures on their personal fan site http://monkipunk.skynetblogs.be.

On 21 August, the bunch of munkipunkers will perform at Pukkelpop too. Again, I won’t be able to see them.*a lonely tear rolls down her cheek*

But, my day will come! On 28 October they will perform at café “Charlatan” in Ghent and, guess what … I’ll be there, haha!

Now, on the occasion of Boo’s performance at Pukkelpop, I’d like to put one of their songs in the spotlight: “Krusti”. It’s a song about the uselessness of taking vengeance on someone. By the way, Boo! launched a new website, with lots of features for registered users. My favourite’s of course the lyrics section, especially because Chris explains the origin of each of the songs!


Lyrics: Krusti


all i adore, which i did abhorr, is a gift. reward for saying:'i love you."

because i love you.

let us walk from here to where we need to be to keep us from the kill we so desire, and say:''i love you, mister i love you!''



if you love somebody, they will love it

they might not love you, but they will love it

and if you hate somebody, they will hate it

they might hate you too, but they will hate it.


did we pass through this storm unbroken untorn?

a sigh the soul reply? i love you. sister i love you



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aarf! wash away that dragontear!
anne Krusti is dat niet de naam van den een of den anderen clown? ;-)
have fun this weekend!
don't let it rain on you!

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