Visitor in the spotlight: Little Witch

Once upon a time there was a little witch who regularly dropped by at AMF. One day, Aisling, AMF’s twilight fairy guardian, organized a contest to welcome the 6666th visitor. In addition to being lucky in love, Little Witch seemed to be lucky at cards too, for she won the contest.

Aisling did not have to rack her brain to think of a suitable prize: that cheeky little creature inspired her and so Aisling offered to create a witchy design for her weblog. You can admire both the witch and her brand new design at http://little-witch.skynetblogs.be. The rest of the story is yours for the making…

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*** ziet er mooi uit!!!

Gepost door: Free my Soul | 23-08-04

Hear hear For the lady o Witchcraft, our dearest Aisling.
Nu krijg ik nog freeairplay op je blog ook..Verwen jij mij niet teveel? Geagrandeerd zal er een bloederige veldslag worden gestreden om de volgende titel superbeast in de wacht te slepen.
Als ik eens iets mag zeggen : buiten een cool wijf, ben je vanbinnen -al ken ik je nog maar net- zeker een vrreee schuun madam. Voila. Zeg dat de kleine hex het bezworen heeft.

Gepost door: Little Witch | 24-08-04

the accidental concurrent wel well it's cumcumbertime it seems, so you put something in the spotlight...hell...there I go with the dirty dishwater...and beaten from my throne...
I have a concureent right now it seems...BUT!!!
I'm glad it's little-witch! for I like that creepy little mocking sorceress too...
and bloody battles there will be fought! Blood and bones shall be shed!
The new superbeastcontest will be the clash of the Aisling-adepts!
Twilight will turn into a nuclear blaze! stars will fall and my kingdom will be restored! :p:p:p:p
first I wnat to meet my opponent on neutral ground...let's say the Faerygarden sof Delight?
CMS counting down

Gepost door: CMS | 24-08-04

d' er is alweer heel wat te beleven in blogland... 'k ben blij dat ik terug online ben...

Gepost door: MJ | 24-08-04

Whaw... super layout Hoi hoi! Effie onder de indruk van de layout bij little witch!!

Die site is er super mee opgefleurd.

Greets & cu

Gepost door: Vincent Degrave | 24-08-04

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