Tindersticks @ Feest in het Park 26/08

Tindersticks set me aflame in 1995 when they released their second album and played a legendary concert with full orchestra at the beautiful Sint-Maarten’s Cathedral in Ieper.

After that show, Stuart gave the bunch of flowers that he’d just received to someone in the audience. That “someone” happened to be my boyfriend at the time, who was so generous as to give them to me. The flowers lasted for several years (in dried form, that is!), the boyfriend didn’t.

Anyway, my love for Tindersticks lasted too, for they are quite an exceptional band. First of all, there’s Stuart Staples’ characteristic deep, dramatic crooning voice. Secondly, there’s the typical soft, melodious, seemingly light-footed music, featuring guitars, bass, strings, piano, percussion and brass, and sometimes evolving into chaotic sound explosions. And then, there’s the gloomy lyrics that either give you goose bumps, almost move you to tears or slap you right in the face. Whether they are recording an album or doing a concert, they are perfectionists: they don’t want to settle for mediocrity.

No need to tell you that I was really looking forward to seeing them in Oudenaarde, I guess.

I posted myself right in the front row, even long before Mauro’s concert, eagerly waiting for them to sweep me off my feet for the fourth time and at the same time anxiously wondering how a festival audience would respond to their music.

When the band came on stage the audience gave them a warm welcome. One worry down, I thought… In reality, the audience’s attitude was rather ambiguous. On the one hand, there was a warm atmosphere and each of the songs was received with a hearty applause, but on the other hand, some people seemed to have a lot to talk about. At least that’s what I was told, for the funny thing is that I was so wrapped up in the concert, that I didn’t notice much noise, except for some whistling during my absolute favourite song “My sister”. I didn’t take it to heart though; even without the trumpets the song really sent a shiver down my spine. From that moment on, I think I’ve experienced the concert in kind of a trance.

It took me a while to get used to Stuart’s moustache. It made him look like a bit of a crook, especially because he was wearing a shabby-looking brown corduroy jacket and he was often taking something out of his pocket and putting it into his mouth. Speculations as to what it was range from nicotine stuff, tobacco chew, peanuts, … It can’t have been breath mints, can it? Anyway, as long as it didn’t affect his singing, I didn’t mind and it obviously didn’t, not in a negative way, anyway.

The set list was quite amazing: it was a perfect mix of the best songs of their first three albums and their last album. Other highlights, next to “My Sister”, were “She's gone” and “Tiny Tears” (I never seem to grow tired of these songs), a wonderful “Rented rooms” and “Raindrops”. And not to forget “Until the morning comes”, the song in which violinist Dickon Hinchcliffe proves that he can also touch a string, using his voice instead of his violin. I must admit I also would have liked to hear “Whiskey and water”, “No more affairs” and “Another night in”, but on the other hand, if they were to play all of my favourite songs, it would take at least a three-hour concert to stuff them all in!

Maybe it’s a good thing that a rumour had been spread that it might be one of the last Tindersticks concerts, for I actually experienced the concert as if it were the last time that I’d ever see them and it left me with almost the same feeling as that incredible concert in Ieper. The days after, I tried to drive away the traditional post-concert emptiness by prying about at the official forum, where I learned that the last gig stuff had been a false rumour.

Thank heavens, I’m not ready for a Tinderstickless world yet!

1. Trying to find a home - 2. Travelling light - 3. My sister - 4. Buried bones - 5. She's gone - 6. Until the morning comes - 7. Sometimes it hurts - 8. My oblivion - 9. Dancing - 10. Her - 11. Tiny tears - 12. Rented rooms - 13. Drunk tank - 14. Running wild 
Bis: 15. Bath time - 16. Raindrops
Photo album Tindersticks

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busy bee! anxiously waiting! ;-)
have fun!!!

Gepost door: cms | 28-08-04

Amaai alweer een concertje... je weet wel wat doen hé ;o)
...mooie foto's, 'k ben benieuwd naar je verslag!

Gepost door: MJ | 29-08-04

Aha! Hm... Tindersticks, die zijn intussen een tijdje aan mijn aandacht ontsnapt! 'k Zal Curtains toch nog eens uit de kast moeten halen.
Jammer dat 'Kathleen' niet op de setlist stond. Sterk nummer, cover van Townes Van Zandt als ik me niet vergis.

Gepost door: 'mus | 29-08-04

Goede marketingstunt Het laatste concert aankondigen.. Those stickies are smart!

Gepost door: Little Witch | 31-08-04

Een hallo`tje... ...uit Stavanger (Nor) !
Hei Julie!

`t Is hier echt zalig !!! `k Heb al veel fotookes genomen om een beetje heel erg te doen watertanden!
Tot volgende week,


Gepost door: Fliep | 31-08-04

fine pictures Hi Julie (Aisling on tinderstick uk phorum),

will it be possible to use them on my tinderpictures subsite ?

check here:

thatwill be great - please email me for details
best greetings

Gepost door: Ati | 02-09-04

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