Tindersticks @ Feest in het Park 26/08

Tindersticks set me aflame in 1995 when they released their second album and played a legendary concert with full orchestra at the beautiful Sint-Maarten’s Cathedral in Ieper.

After that show, Stuart gave the bunch of flowers that he’d just received to someone in the audience. That “someone” happened to be my boyfriend at the time, who was so generous as to give them to me. The flowers lasted for several years (in dried form, that is!), the boyfriend didn’t.

Anyway, my love for Tindersticks lasted too, for they are quite an exceptional band. First of all, there’s Stuart Staples’ characteristic deep, dramatic crooning voice. Secondly, there’s the typical soft, melodious, seemingly light-footed music, featuring guitars, bass, strings, piano, percussion and brass, and sometimes evolving into chaotic sound explosions. And then, there’s the gloomy lyrics that either give you goose bumps, almost move you to tears or slap you right in the face. Whether they are recording an album or doing a concert, they are perfectionists: they don’t want to settle for mediocrity.

No need to tell you that I was really looking forward to seeing them in Oudenaarde, I guess.

I posted myself right in the front row, even long before Mauro’s concert, eagerly waiting for them to sweep me off my feet for the fourth time and at the same time anxiously wondering how a festival audience would respond to their music.

When the band came on stage the audience gave them a warm welcome. One worry down, I thought… In reality, the audience’s attitude was rather ambiguous. On the one hand, there was a warm atmosphere and each of the songs was received with a hearty applause, but on the other hand, some people seemed to have a lot to talk about. At least that’s what I was told, for the funny thing is that I was so wrapped up in the concert, that I didn’t notice much noise, except for some whistling during my absolute favourite song “My sister”. I didn’t take it to heart though; even without the trumpets the song really sent a shiver down my spine. From that moment on, I think I’ve experienced the concert in kind of a trance.

It took me a while to get used to Stuart’s moustache. It made him look like a bit of a crook, especially because he was wearing a shabby-looking brown corduroy jacket and he was often taking something out of his pocket and putting it into his mouth. Speculations as to what it was range from nicotine stuff, tobacco chew, peanuts, … It can’t have been breath mints, can it? Anyway, as long as it didn’t affect his singing, I didn’t mind and it obviously didn’t, not in a negative way, anyway.

The set list was quite amazing: it was a perfect mix of the best songs of their first three albums and their last album. Other highlights, next to “My Sister”, were “She's gone” and “Tiny Tears” (I never seem to grow tired of these songs), a wonderful “Rented rooms” and “Raindrops”. And not to forget “Until the morning comes”, the song in which violinist Dickon Hinchcliffe proves that he can also touch a string, using his voice instead of his violin. I must admit I also would have liked to hear “Whiskey and water”, “No more affairs” and “Another night in”, but on the other hand, if they were to play all of my favourite songs, it would take at least a three-hour concert to stuff them all in!

Maybe it’s a good thing that a rumour had been spread that it might be one of the last Tindersticks concerts, for I actually experienced the concert as if it were the last time that I’d ever see them and it left me with almost the same feeling as that incredible concert in Ieper. The days after, I tried to drive away the traditional post-concert emptiness by prying about at the official forum, where I learned that the last gig stuff had been a false rumour.

Thank heavens, I’m not ready for a Tinderstickless world yet!

1. Trying to find a home - 2. Travelling light - 3. My sister - 4. Buried bones - 5. She's gone - 6. Until the morning comes - 7. Sometimes it hurts - 8. My oblivion - 9. Dancing - 10. Her - 11. Tiny tears - 12. Rented rooms - 13. Drunk tank - 14. Running wild 
Bis: 15. Bath time - 16. Raindrops
Photo album Tindersticks

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Pictures of Feest in het Park 26/08

How about this for a festival location!
Click on the links below to see my pictures of the bands:


Mauro & The Grooms


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Tindersticks in the spotlight

Recently, someone who didn’t really now Tindersticks confessed that he’d always thought that they were just an ordinary alternative band. After listening to a song, he had to admit that they weren’t. Still, here’s more proof!

How ordinary can a band be, if they create songs like this one?


My Sister


Do you remember my sister? How many mistakes did she make with those never
blinking eyes? I couldn't work it out. I swear she could read your mind, your
life, the depths of your soul at one glance. Maybe she was stripping herself
away, saying

Here I am, this is me
I am yours and everything about me, everything you see...
If only you look hard enough
I never could.
Our life was a pillow-fight. We'd stand there on the quilt, our hands clenched
ready. Her with her milky teeth, so late for her age, and a Stanley knife in
her hand. She sliced the tyres on my bike and I couldn't forgive her.

She went blind at the age of five. We'd stand at the bedroom window and she'd
get me to tell her what I saw. I'd describe the houses opposite, the little
patch of grass next to the path, the gate with its rotten hinges forever wedged
open that Dad was always going to fix. She'd stand there quiet for a moment. I
thought she was trying to develop the images in her own head. Then she'd say:

I can see little twinkly stars,
like Christmas tree lights in faraway windows.
Rings of brightly coloured rocks
floating around orange and mustard planets.
I can see huge tiger striped fishes
chasing tiny blue and yellow dashes,
all tails and fins and bubbles.
I'd look at the grey house opposite, and close the curtains.
She burned down the house when she was ten. I was away camping with the scouts.
The fireman said she'd been smoking in bed - the old story, I thought. The cat
and our mum died in the flames, so Dad took us to stay with our Aunt in the
country. He went back to London to find us a new house. We never saw him again.

On her thirteenth birthday she fell down the well in our Aunt's garden and
broke her head. She'd been drinking heavily. On her recovery her sight
returned, a fluke of nature everyone said. That's when she said she'd never
blink again. I would tell her when she started at me, with her eyes wide and
watery, that they reminded me of the well she fell into. She liked this, it
made her laugh.

She moved in with a gym teacher when she was fifteen, all muscles he was. He
lost his job when it all came out, and couldn't get another one. Not in that
kind of small town. Everybody knew everyone else's business. My sister would
hold her head high, though. She said she was in love. They were together for
five years until one day he lost his temper. He hit over the back of the neck
with his bullworker. She lost the use of the right side of her body. He got
three years and was out in fifteen months. We saw him a while later, he was
coaching a non-league football team in a Cornwall seaside town. I don't think
he recognized her. My sister had put on a lot of weight from being in a chair
all the time. She'd get me to stick pins and stub out cigarettes in her right
hand. She'd laugh like mad because it didn't hurt. Her left hand was pretty
good though. We'd have arm wrestling matches, I'd have to use both arms and
she'd still beat me.

We buried her when she was 32. Me and my Aunt, the vicar, and the man who dug
the hole. She said she didn't want to be cremated and wanted a cheap coffin so
the worms could get to her quickly. She said she liked the idea of it, though I
thought it was because of what happened to the cat, and our mum.

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Boterhammen in de Stad

I wasn't there... Still, two altruistic, charitable photographers gave me permisson to publish their pics.
Click the links below to enter the albums:

Flip Kowlier

Eva De Roovere

Bart Peeters

Rick De Leeuw, Jan Hautekiet & guests


A big thank you to CMS & Nico!

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And the Wolf breaks loose again!

Flyer designed by Bram Declercq: http://www.83-concepts.be

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Visitor in the spotlight: Little Witch

Once upon a time there was a little witch who regularly dropped by at AMF. One day, Aisling, AMF’s twilight fairy guardian, organized a contest to welcome the 6666th visitor. In addition to being lucky in love, Little Witch seemed to be lucky at cards too, for she won the contest.

Aisling did not have to rack her brain to think of a suitable prize: that cheeky little creature inspired her and so Aisling offered to create a witchy design for her weblog. You can admire both the witch and her brand new design at http://little-witch.skynetblogs.be. The rest of the story is yours for the making…

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Tindersticks in the spotlight

As I said before, I'm quite a Tindersticks adept. We're planning to see them at "Feest in het Park" on thursday. I hope all goes well, for we ordered our tickets months ago, but we still haven't received any news!
For the occasion, I've put another Tindersticks song in the spotlight: "Rented rooms".
Finally, some erotic flavour is added to AMF!
Lyrics: Rented Rooms

There's the same hotel, and we can go there now
We can go there now if you want to
Through the doors of that rented room
Yeah, we stumbled through
It was only hours
It seemed such a short while
We had no time to cry
Or sit and wonder why
We had so many things started to say
We had to get through
We tried the cinema
Within half an hour
We had to go find someplace else
Some more... you know
We tried a drinking bar
It gets so very hard
And when the cab ride ahead seems too long
We go fuck in the bathroom
We can't afford the time to sit and cry
Or to wonder why
We've got so many things started to say
We have to get through
Through the doors of that rented room
Yeah, we stumbled through
We had so many things started to say
We had to get through
We can't afford the time to sit and cry
Or to wonder why
We got so many things started to say
We have to get through
We haven't got the time for telling lies
Or to even try
There's only days in between
There's just tomorrow
Through the doors of that rented room
Yeah, we stumbled through
It was only hours - it seemed such a short while
In those pillows all the feathers that hold all our dreams
Whispered at the scene
Now they just seem to float on a breeze
I could have wrapped that pillow around my head
Face down on the bed
I could have drowned in those so-called dreams
We can't afford the time to sit and cry
Or to wonder why
There's only days in between
There's just tomorrow

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Line-up "Feest in het Park" 26-28 August

Thu 26/08

Le grand mix


Absynthe Minded




Mauro & the Grooms




Thu 26/08

Bar bizarre




Gabriel Rios


Omar Perry and Deep



Thu 26/08



Thomas Smith


Henk Ryckaert


Gunther Lamoot


Freddy De Vadder



Friday 27/08

Le grand mix






Buju Banton


Jungle Brothers


TLP aka Troubleman


Friday 27/08

Bar bizarre






Buscemi Live


Discobar Galaxie




Friday 27/08



A-Tek vs Toby




Ed & Kim


DJ Pierre


Kevin Saunderson


Sat 28/08

Le grand mix


Roy Paci & Aretuska




Arrested Development


Admiral Freebee


Sonic Youth


Hermanos Inglesos


Sat 28/08

Bar bizarre




Wax Poetic


Ashanti 3000 SS


Max Romeo


Ashanti 3000 SS


Jah Shaka


Sat 28/08



Yellert vs Clauz


Mr Crisp




Starski & Tonic




Printed version

For more information, visit http://www.feestinhetpark.be

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Pukkelpop 2004

At this very moment, I should have been listening to great alternative music at Pukkelpop, but, alas, I'm sitting at my desk at work (hush, don't tell anyone!). 
However, for reviews and pics of Pukkelpop I can recommend Goformusic and Cutting Edge's photo report.

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Boo! in the spotlight

Well, it’s been far too long since I mentioned the South African dudes of Boo! Shame on me, especially ‘cause they performed in Belgium this weekend at tjok-up-rock in Hove. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there. *looks very sadly in the distance*

However, some of my friends saw the show and published the setlist and some pictures on their personal fan site http://monkipunk.skynetblogs.be.

On 21 August, the bunch of munkipunkers will perform at Pukkelpop too. Again, I won’t be able to see them.*a lonely tear rolls down her cheek*

But, my day will come! On 28 October they will perform at café “Charlatan” in Ghent and, guess what … I’ll be there, haha!

Now, on the occasion of Boo’s performance at Pukkelpop, I’d like to put one of their songs in the spotlight: “Krusti”. It’s a song about the uselessness of taking vengeance on someone. By the way, Boo! launched a new website, with lots of features for registered users. My favourite’s of course the lyrics section, especially because Chris explains the origin of each of the songs!


Lyrics: Krusti


all i adore, which i did abhorr, is a gift. reward for saying:'i love you."

because i love you.

let us walk from here to where we need to be to keep us from the kill we so desire, and say:''i love you, mister i love you!''



if you love somebody, they will love it

they might not love you, but they will love it

and if you hate somebody, they will hate it

they might hate you too, but they will hate it.


did we pass through this storm unbroken untorn?

a sigh the soul reply? i love you. sister i love you



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The number of the beast

Well, I see that my counter is approaching number 6666. The perfect moment to put another visitor in the spotlight, if you'd ask me!
So, dearest Visitor, if you are number 6666, please let me know!
Send me an e-mail (preferably add a screenshot).
If you have your own website, it's quite easy, just mention it, so that I can put it in the spotlight!
If you don't have your own website, just tell me a little bit about yourself (Where are you from? What music do you like? What are you hobbies? Where you looking for something particular on AMF? Or just tell a funny story!).
And if you know me in person, it will be my treat, next time I see you!

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About flea markets, fairy tales and skeletons: Patersholfeesten

This morning, we went for a stroll in the Ghent neighbourhood called “Patershol”, on the occasion of a cosy little festival called “Patersholfeesten”. As we were wandering through the big flea market in the tiny streets of the Patershol, my boyfriend suddenly dragged me into a kind of chapel to have a look at a colourful exhibition. The artist turned out to be my best friend’s aunt! She creates beautiful fairies, gnomes, frogs, bears, mushrooms and all kinds of fairytale characters and objects. Some of them are moving, others are beautifully illuminated and a few of them even produce sounds.

The old Norbertine chapel certainly is a beautiful setting to this fairy-like exhibition.

And if you look attentively you can discover a hidden piece of art. The stained-glass window over the entrance featuring x-rays of couples making love is a work of art by Wim Delvoye. It’s called “Trans Parity”. I must admit that I can’t really make out what those skeletons are doing, and maybe that’s just as well!


Have a look at my photo album on this wonderful exhibition with its extraordinary setting.


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Probably the flea market's smallest stall.

Probably the flea market's smallest stall.

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On our way home, I couldn't resist taking this picture. Don'

On our way home, I couldn't resist taking this picture. Don't ask me why, I don't particularly like the antique sculpture, but I guess I liked the combination of the green cloth, the blue door and the sun casting shades on the sculpture.

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Bloggers' BBQ meeting in Halle

The world of weblogs is still fairly unknown to many people and if I told them that there actually exists something like a bloggers' community, they would probably frown their brows and change the subject. But it's true, owners of a weblog often visit other weblogs, leave comments and gather at forums. As a result, they slowly get to know each other. And sometimes they decide to meet in real life.
On Friday the 13nd of August, such a bloggers' meeting was organised by Bloodyke and her beloved Thunderke. By the way, if there's one maze in which I'd love to get lost, then it certainly is Bloodyke's poetry maze (although I'd love to get lost in her kitchen too, especially when she's organising a barbecue!).
Bloodyke and Thunderke were perfect hosts to 17 people:

First, we were treated to a wonderful fruit punch with potato crisps and cheese. Yummy! After that, we had a barbecue with excellent meat and enough vegetables to feed a whole army! Again, delicious! And then, Bloodyke had prepared no less than three different desserts: grilled banana with hot chocolate sauce, tiramisu and tiramisu with berries... Fortunately, I had been smart enough to leave some space in my stomach for those delicacies.

Meanwhile, everyone was cosily chatting and both the dogs and the children were often stealing the show. In short, it was a memorable evening that we wouldn't mind repeating. 


Again a big thank you to Bloodyke and Thunderke, to Lonely Angel and her husband for giving us a ride to Ghent and to everyone present for turning the meeting into a pleasant experience!

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My impressions of M'era Luna 2004

It’s starting to become a tradition: when lovers of Gothic, EBM and industrial music gather in Germany at Hildesheim airport during the first weekend of August the weather is scorching hot. This time, we chose comfort above sociability and rented a hotel room in the city centre of Hildesheim instead of staying on the camping site with our friends. Even though our room was probably hotter than their tents and the bathroom smelled of a septic tank, at least we could take a refreshing shower without queuing and had a breakfast that helped us through the whole day. We weren’t the only “Goths” choosing comfort; it was quite funny to see all those kindred spirits wandering about the city centre. We didn’t really look like Goths anyway, we kind of went “undercover”.

M’era Luna really is an enjoyable festival, with great bands, a fantastic atmosphere, an extensive shopping area and people that are nice to look at (just have a look at the pictures a few posts below and you’ll understand what I mean!).


Day 1

The first band that I really was looking forward to on Saturday was Saltatio Mortis: a bunch of cheerful Germans who specialize in throwing a big medieval party. I was really charmed by their performance at The Invitation festival earlier this year, but this time I must admit that I was a little bit disappointed: obviously there were some problems with the sound. The bagpipes didn't always come through and Alea der Bescheidene sometimes sang out of tune. Still, I enjoyed their concert. They are always chattering away and joking in between the songs (a bit hard to understand when you don't really speak German, but still!) and their music never fails to cheer me up. I really like bands that try establishing a connection with their audience.

Next, we saw Rotersand, an electro band that I didn’t know beforehand, but that had me dancing anyway. Again, I heard people complain about poor sound. Unfortunately, this would turn out to be a recurrent problem on this year’s edition of M’era Luna, although it never seems to be mentioned in any of the German reviews (maybe we are being spoilt here in Belgium when it comes to the quality of gothic and EBM performances?).

Decoded Feedback wasn’t spared either. Really a pity, for their performance at The Invitation 2004 was also one of the highlights for us. Both singer Marco and female keyboard player Yone have great charisma. Their somewhat distant attitude on stage (except for the occasional charming smile of Yone) perfectly befits their cold industrial-electro music, but you only have to check their website to see that they do try to keep in touch with the fans. We also bumped into them at the entrance of the festival on Friday, when we were buying our tickets, so they probably have been mingling with the crowd for a whole weekend, just like they did in Ghent. Since performances at the main stage and in the hangar overlap, it’s often tough to make a choice. As I was curious to see Fiddler's Green, we only saw a part of Decoded Feedback. It soon became obvious that we’d better stayed in the hangar. We didn’t take it to heart, though, and decided to settle down in the grass at a strategic spot in order to take pictures of passers-by. Quite fun!

The next band on the main stage really appealed to me… Tristania: symphonic metal featuring the angelic voice of the graceful Vibeke Stene.

After Tristania, I hurried back to the hangar to catch another glimpse of Icon Of Coil. I didn’t see enough to pronounce any judgment, but I had the impression that it was quite OK.

I stayed in the hangar to see Welle:Erdball, although I didn’t have the faintest idea of what kind of music it would be. It turned out to be electronic music, a bit like Kraftwerk. The opening song was “Fenster Poppen” by Kraftwerk and the stage was beautifully decorated with scantily dressed human showroom dummies who didn’t leave the stage until a few songs later. Welle:Erdball didn’t fail to keep the audience captivated. Their music is catchy and their show excellent. It really was a discovery to me. After a few songs, however, I had another choice to make, because I wanted to see L'Ame Immortelle. Again, it appeared that I’d chosen the wrong option, for the sound during L’Ame Immortelle was rather abominable and the audience didn’t really seem too enthusiastic either.

Then, it was time for some more medieval inspired music, but then of a somewhat heavier calibre than that of Saltatio Mortis. In Extremo was the second discovery of the day! I was especially surprised when they sang “Herr Mannelig”, a song that I know in the versions of Swedish folk band Garmarna and symphonic metal band Haggard. In Extremo seems to be very popular in Germany, for the crowd went really mad (with good reason!).

After this second medieval party, it was time for Within Temptation. Playing just before the headliner at a big festival like M’era Luna is quite a feat for a Dutch gothic band. Their first song seemed a bit weak to me, but, after this shaky start, they didn’t disappoint us. Sharon seemed to be in better voice than during their Werchter gig and their show, featuring a beautiful décor and lots of fireworks, looked much more impressive, because they didn’t have to play in broad daylight this time. They certainly had the German audience at their side!


For me this was the last performance of the day. There’s one thing you should know: when we are going to the M’era Luna festival, there’s always bound to happen something. Last year, for example, we weren’t able to return home because our rented car didn’t start. The car key had melted (it was 39°C!) and the security chip had fallen out at some time during the day… This year, I had a running eye and nose and a headache. As a result, tears streamed down my cheeks during the performances of Icon of Coil, Welle Erdbal, In Extremo and Within Temptation (So, if happened to see me crying, it wasn’t because my boyfriend left me and neither because I was moved by the music!). At first, I thought that this was due to an allergy, but my friends convinced me to go to the first aid and there they told me that it was probably caused by dust in my eye, so they rinsed it and a few hours later I was as good as new, ready for the second day!


Day 2

We started our day with the gothic metal band Elis in the hangar. I love them the most when Swiss front lady Sabine Dünser hits those high notes, but unfortunately she doesn’t very often. Still, a very decent band. The second band on our menu already was the first surprise of the day: Chamber, l’Orchestre de Chambre Noir. Acoustic guitars, violins, cello, and the beautiful deep voice of Marcus Testory… but, if you were to think that all this would result in soft music, think again. It was an explosion of energy (I sometimes felt sorry for the guitars!) and the audience went wild. Delicious!

Then it was Belgium’s moment of glory with Suicide Commando, electro-industrial that kicks ass (and consequently incites people to move their asses!). I’d never seen them live before, so I was full of expectation. During the first song the sound wasn’t quite what it should be, but once that problem was solved, the concert burst loose. The German audience was pretty enthusiastic: they were moving and dancing in the scorching sun. Suicide Commando had something in store for us: Hocico’s lead singer Erk Aicrag as a special guest! Unfortunately, we could hardly hear Erk’s voice through the microphone. Damn you M’era Luna! Anyway, except for those minor technical problems Suicide Commando’s concert was great.

During their last song we hurried back to the hangar, to see Schandmaul, a band with folk and medieval influences. It was almost impossible to enter the hangar, because it was already stuffed full. Knowing that there would be plenty of room at the right side of the stage, we persevered and slowly made our way through the crowd. Violins, bagpipes, flutes, acoustic guitars, … again my cup of tea. The crowd went wild once again, dancing and singing along.

After a break during which we enlarged our picture collection of haircuts and outfits, we went back to the main stage to watch Therion. I adored those sympathetic old-fashioned metallers, who had brought their own ice queen, the Swedish soprano Karin Fjellander, in replacement of Sarah Jezebel Deva. Her make-up didn’t really do her justice, she had a rather disdainful look on her face and she wasn’t very mobile (except for raising her arms from time to time), but what a voice! The guys from Therion seemed to be very amused that the audience of a gothic festival seemed to enjoy their metal songs too and were constantly asking whether we wanted a gothic or a metal kind of song. Never mind guys, just play and we’ll love it!

After Therion’s concert we went to the first few rows to mark out our territory. We wanted the best places during Covenant, as their performance at the Invitation festival in Ghent a few months ago had left us rather breathless. However, being in the front is not always safe. A security guy decided to refresh us, using his fire-hose. Given the hot temperatures, this refreshment was very welcome in the beginning, but once wet, I can assure you that you’re feeling not at all hot anymore and that guy kept on hosing! Not really the best treatment for camera’s either!

Anyway, let’s get back to Covenant. Sorry for the fans -I’m a fan too, you know- but this time I was very disappointed. The sound really sucked (at least, where we stood, which was somewhere in the middle of the front few rows) and Eskil repeatedly sang out of tune. I sought comfort in taking pictures, but from a musical point of view I simply couldn’t get the hang of it. Too bad. I’ll blame it on the circumstances, that damn sound, broad daylight, … and I’ll start looking forward to the next opportunity to see them live.

After another stroll, we decided to try out Anne Clark, which turned out to be a very wise decision. The turnout was rather poor, but those present certainly made up for the absentees.

Anne Clarke, reciting her poetry in that beautiful English accent, only supported by acoustic instruments… I hung on her lips, without being able to stand still to such compelling music. I was enchanted and so was the rest of the audience: what an atmosphere!

It was the ideal ending to an enjoyable festival weekend. Satisfied, we returned to the hotel. No car trouble this time, only a considerable sunburn that, for another day or three, reminded me of a wonderful weekend!

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Anne Clark in the spotlight

At the M'era Luna gothic festival in Hildesheim (Germany) I saw an enchanting accoustic performance by Anne Clark. Her music and her lyrics are pure poetry.
Just listen and /or read for yourself!

We shall come

with all our wealth

and our vulgarity

into your land

carving deep wounds

in our wake

planting the sharped-edged green seed

of money

deep into your hands

and as you grasp


you will thank us

as it takes root

growing and entangling itself

around your simple naive lives

it will placate you

We shall come

hard and fast

into your under-developed

un-exploited little world

tearing away the soil

beneath your feet where you stand

scattering the broken gifts it offers up

all around us

digging the foundations of our own image

into the raw core belly of the earth

send spiralling monuments

to our glorious achievements

into the heavy leaden sky


you will watch from the horizon

imprisoned by your own pleasures

bound by the material chains

we will supply

and when we have turned

one side oft he world's face

from the sun into the blackness

the other will then burn

under the slap of our greed.

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Pictures M'era Luna 2004: the bands

In the table below, you'll find the links to my photo albums:

Day 1

Main stage


Saltatio Mortis (12 pics)

Tristania (9 pics)

In Extremo (7 pics)

Within Temptation (8 pics)

Soman (5 pics)

Rotersand (6 pics)

Decoded Feedback (3 pics)

Icon of Coil (4 pics)

Welle Erdbal (8 pics)

Day 2

Main stage


Suicide Commando (4 pics)

Therion (10 pics)

Covenant (17 pics)

Elis (6 pics)

Chamber (6 pics)

Schandmaul (6 pics)

Anne Clark (3 pics)


Here are the links to a selection of concert pictures that I found on the internet:

ASP (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Blutengel (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Blutengel (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Blutengel (picture by Stefan F.)

Decoded Feedback (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Decoded Feedback (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Epica (picture by Lars Krüger)

Epica (picture by Sebastian Steinfort)

Fixmer / McCarthy (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Fixmer / McCarthy (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Fixmer / McCarthy:

Icon of Coil (picture by Jörg Rambow)

In Strict Confidence (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Oomph! (picture by Sebastian Steinfort)

The Mission (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Welle:Erdbal (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Welle:Erdbal (picture by Sebastian Steinfort)

Wolfsheim (picture by Jörg Rambow)

Wolfsheim (picture by Sebastian Steinfort)


For more pictures by Jörg Rambow visit http://www.musik.terrorverlag.de/musik/index.htm and click “Konzerte”.

There you’ll also find a German review of Day 1 of the M’era Luna Festival.



For pictures published on the official M'era Luna website, visit the M'era Luna Gallery

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Pictures M'era Luna 2004: the people

Some are really beautiful, others really cool
All have one thing in common: mutual respect
People of M’era Luna 2004 photo album (58 pics)






How to use my photo album?

To view the pictures, click on the thumbnails in the left frame.

You can also navigate through them using the "Prev" and "Next" buttons in the right frame.

You can send the picture as an e-card, by clicking the link "Digital Card" underneath the picture in the right frame.

To view the slideshow, click the link "Slideshow" in the right frame. To exit the slideshow, click the "Back" button of your browser (don't use the link "Exit slideshow").



For more pics of the people at M’era Luna visit http://www.n-dark.de/frameset-gallery.html. Click the arrow next to “Die neusten Bilder 1997-2004” and select “Mera Luna-Festival-Marco-Gallerie A”.

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L'âme immortelle in the spotlight

L'âme Immortelle is one of the bands that will be playing at the M'era Luna festival in Hildesheim (Germany). I'll be away for four days, but, during this time, you can always seek comfort in the song "Bitterkeit". Mind you, it's not exactly a happy song, but it does contain a positive message!

Lyrics: Bitterkeit

Tief in einer Welt

wo Gefühle nichtig sind

bin ich eingesperrt

Vor Haß schon völlig blind


Die Tränen sind die einzigen Zeugen

das ich Selbst noch existier´

Nahe dem letzten Schritt

Doch etwas hält mich hier


Überall ist Bitterkeit

Verzweiflung, und der Tod

Lügen - totes Fleisch

werden unser täglich Brot


Denn, überall ist Bitterkeit

Verzweiflung und der Tod

Lügen, totes Fleisch

werden unser täglich Brot


Ich sehe mich im Spiegel

doch erkenne Ich mich nicht

So entstellt vom Treiben hier

Eine Fratze - mein Gesicht


Das Leben in der anderen Welt

ist mir schon völlig fremd

Wie der Mond am Abendhimmel

Ich kann es mir nicht erklären


Überall ist Bitterkeit

Verzweiflung und der Tod

Lügen - totes Fleisch

werden unser täglich Brot


Denn - überall ist Bitterkeit

Verzweiflung, und der Tod

Lügen, totes Fleisch

werden unser täglich Brot


Du bist der einzige Grund

Der mir hilft - hier zu bestehen

Wärst Du nicht hier, tief bei mir

Würd´ den letzten Schritt Ich gehen


Die Liebe zu Dir hält mich

Und gibt mir neue Kraft

Um hier zu überleben

Bald ist es geschafft


Überall ist Bitterkeit

Verzweiflung und der Tod

Lügen, totes Fleisch

Werden unser täglich Brot


Denn - überall ist Bitterkeit

Verzweiflung und der Tod

Lügen - totes Fleisch

werden unser täglich Brot 

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Lokerse Feesten

This image is so typical of "De Lokerse Feesten": guys and girls carrying cases of beer high above people's heads in order to quench our thirst. How I admire those poor hard-working people, for it must be a most exhausting job!

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Daan at the Lokerse Feesten 04/08/04

Review doesn't seem to be coming anymore. Sorry!

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Setlist1. Also sprach Zarathustra – 2. Housewife – 3. Co


1. Also sprach Zarathustra – 2. Housewife – 3. Convertible Chaos - 4. Eternity – 5. Lie – 6. Jamais neutral – 7. Sunchild – 8. Renegade – 9. Victory – 10. Bridge Burner – 11. Love – 12. Galaxy – 13. Addicted – 14. Swedish Designer Drugs

Bis: 15. Boots
More pics in my photo album

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The cruel fate of a poor crushed paper cup.

The cruel fate of a poor crushed paper cup.

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Ultrasonic 7 at the Lokerse Feesten 04/08/04

Review doesn't seem to be coming anymore. Sorry!

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More pics in my photo album

More pics in my photo album

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FRONT 242 at the Lokerse Feesten 04/08/04

Review doesn't seem to be coming anymore. Sorry!

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Setlist1. Happiness – 2. Body to body – 3. Religion - 4.


1. Happiness – 2. Body to body – 3. Religion - 4. ??? – 5. In Rythmus bleiben – 6. Crapage – 7. Animal – 8. First in first out – 9. Moldavia – 10. Melt – 11. Welcome to paradise – 12. Headhunter

Bis: 13. Operating tracks – 14. Punish Your Machine

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Line-up M'era Luna

Saturday 7 August

main stage

11:00 - 11:20 FLOWING TEARS

11:40 - 12:10 SALTATIO MORTIS

12:35 - 13:15 EPICA

13:40 - 14:20 UMBRA ET IMAGO

14:45 - 15:25 FIDDLER'S GREEN

15:50 - 16:30 TRISTANIA

16:55 - 17:40 THE MISSION

18:05 - 19:05 L'AME IMMORTELLE

19:30 - 20:30 IN EXTREMO


22:30 - 23:59 WOLFSHEIM



11:20 - 11:50 SOMAN


13:15 - 13:55 ROTERSAND

14:20 - 15:00 DECODED FEEDBACK

15:25 - 16:05 ASP

16:30 - 17:10 ICON OF COIL

17:40 - 18:35 WELLE:ERDBALL


20:30 - 21:30 FIXMER/McCARTHY

22:00 - 23:00 BLUTENGEL


Sunday 8 August

main stage

11:00 - 11:20 WARREN SUICIDE

11:35 - 12:05 EXILIA

12:20 - 12:55 THE FAIR SEX

13:10 - 13:50 FUNKER VOGT

14:10 - 15:00 SUICIDE COMMANDO

15:25 - 16:10 DE/VISION

16:35 - 17:25 THERION

17:50 - 18:50 COVENANT

19:20 - 20:20 OOMPH!

20:50 - 22:00 LACRIMOSA



11:20 - 11:40 THE COLD

12:05 - 12:35 ELIS

12:55 - 13:20 CHAMBER

13:50 - 14:30 PINK TURNS BLUE

15:00 - 15:40 SCHANDMAUL

16:10 - 16:55 GOTHMINISTER

17:25 - 18:20 SAMSAS TRAUM

18:50 - 19:50 FAITH AND THE MUSE

20:20 - 21:20 ANNE CLARK

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