Enough about the faraway past now; back to more recent times

Enough about the faraway past now; back to more recent times. In Gavere, Elusive gave an excellent performance again. However, the atmosphere was slightly different than in “het Kuipke”. Especially during the first few songs, the band seemed somewhat less enthusiastic. Well, Jan probably just didn’t feel like chatting and joking too much. As a result, it took me a bit longer to feel that connection again, but still, they won me over again. They’re just the kind of band that manages to blend straightforward rock music, truly excellent vocals, and powerful, catchy melodies, while staying their sympathetic selves all along.


After the show, they largely compensated for not being that talkative on stage by mingling with the audience for the rest of the evening, checking out the other bands and, like they did on stage, just having a good time, a couple of beers and a good smoke. By the way, compared to some of the other bands we saw that evening, they actually were very talkative during the show, come to think of it.


So, if you are one of those people who managed to miss Elusive twice, I’d strongly advise you to check them out at the Invitation 2005. It might be your last chance to see them in Belgium. Don’t miss it!

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