Elusive (Gavere, 11/09/04)

Allow me to look back on the Invitation 2004 first. There, Elusive’s performance really swept me off my feet. Although only a handful of people were present, the band delivered an outstanding and passionate performance and really connected with the audience. I was rather satisfied with the review I wrote afterwards, but since I wrote it in Dutch, I will repeat the gist of it in this article.

In fact, the following message, which you can read on their website, says it all:

Hey, this is Elusive.

A “modest” rock band......without scientists!

No need to reinvent dynamite,

it works perfectly well.

The aim is to use it.......BIGTIME!


They are modest, they have a great sense of humour, they are no pioneers, but they are damn good! They’ve obviously listened to the Sisters of Mercy and they are not trying to cover that up. Everything about them reminds me of the Sisters: the music they play, the way they look, … even the five-pointed star they use as their logo! But the thing is –it’s difficult for me to admit– they are better than the Sisters. Jan K. Barkved has an excellent voice (understatement!) and, unlike Andrew Eldritch, he lives up to the expectations when playing live.

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Sisters... Ja, da's waar...ze doen idd wel aan de sisters denken! Maar dan vooral aan de goeie "ouwe" Sisters! Die van jaaaaaaaren geleden...want, laat het ons maar toegeven, nu zijn die niet echt veel soeps meer...Eldritch heeft bijna geen stem meer, en 't "zwarte imago" is er ook al niet meer bij! Nu ja, dat was in elk geval zo vorig jaar in de Brielpoort, tijdens hun Smoke & Mirrors-tour....jammer, maar helaas!
Maar 't is idd zoals je zegt, ze zijn eigenlijk gewoon beter dan de Sisters!
En qua uiterlijk èn qua sound doen ze mij eigenlijk nog 't meest denken aan de Fields Of The Nephilim...maar dan niet aan hun laatste cd, want da's bijna metal! :-(
In elk geval, een band om in de gaten te houden!

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