Plastic (Gavere, 11/09/04)

Granted, they played somewhat early, but for me, the Plastic gig surely was the highlight of the evening in Gavere!

Just before they went on stage, front man Matthes had a chat with us. Quite a sympathetic bloke! He was visibly a bit disappointed with the small crowd, especially because he was still relishing the memory of a big enthusiastic crowd at the Infest Festival in Bradford, but he assured us that he’d do the best he could to have everyone jumping around. He kept his promise, that’s for sure! Plastic’s energetic Electronic Body Music is in no way inferior to that of, let’s say, Icon of Coil or Assemblage 23. Plastic really has some excellent tracks, such as “Das Licht”, from their first album and “Home”, “Lies” and “Will you care”, from their second album. They got me dancing right from the start!

They weren’t spared of technical problems, however. Drummer Tanja Reinhardt’s facial expression seemed to indicate that something wasn’t quite ok. I didn’t notice a thing, so it can’t have been too bad. A bit later, during “Closed eyes”, Matthes’ microphone failed. Not in the least nonplussed, he kept on shouting without a mike, unfortunately in vain, for even in the front row we didn’t hear a word. Anyway, the problem was soon solved. He handled it well, not being pissed off like others would, but turning it into a joke and being his sympathetic self. I think Matthes has great stage presence and really succeeds in connecting with the crowd. At one point, he even jumped off stage and disappeared among the audience, at another, he offered a few of his cups of beer to the audience. What a shame that we were standing on the other side (I would’ve offered the cup to my boyfriend of course! ;-) ).

They’d planned to play the Human League cover “Being boiled” as an encore, but they played it as their last song, thus leaving room for quite another type of encore. At first, half of the audience thought Plastic was actually playing a song by the Belgium dance act “Sylver”, but it turned out to be a Lasgo cover called “Something”. One thing’s for sure: they managed to transform this ultra commercial dance track into a cool and hip EBM track! Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? I'm already looking forward to seeing them back in March!

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Ambiance! Idd één van de hoogtepunten in Gavere! Héél sympathieke zanger, geweldige podiumprésence, en bijgevolg een knappe live-set!!!
Ze waren voor ons totaal onbekend, maar na 't optreden hadden ze der in elk geval 3 fans bij!
See you in march!!!

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