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After the show, leadsinger Jan K. Barkved collected the papers lying on the floor in front of him. So much for my chance to lay hands upon the playlist! But I cunningly followed him over to the bar, where I saw him put the papers in the dustbin. I mischievously snatched them out of the bin,  thus, becoming the proud owner of an exclusive set of Elusive lyrics. There didn't seem to be an actual playlist, but the lyrics enabled me to reconstruct it as follows:
1. Last night, 2. Tomorrow gone, 3. Run away, 4. Lonely Satellite, 5. Gemini, 6. Louise, 7. Asylum, 8. Shadowdance, 9. The great silence, 10. The circle never ends, 11. Susannah

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Cunning Plan om de man te volgen en de vuilnisbak in te duiken. Een stalker zou het niet beter kunnen !

Gepost door: Little Witch | 13-09-04

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