Rotersand (Ghent, 18/09)

I think Rotersand is fairly unknown in Belgium, but I’m pretty sure their show in Ghent will have gained them quite a number of fans. They bring powerful electronic music and they do it very convincingly. Front man Rasc surely has great stage presence and is always brimming with enthusiasm, even to that extent that his concerts almost can become a life-threatening experience, both for himself and for the audience. He seems to be bursting with energy: stamping his feet, running from one side of the stage to the other (provided that the stage’s big enough!) and dangerously brandishing his microphone standard.

In an interview he once said “I like to be as close as possible to the audience, I like to look into people’s eyes, smell them and feel them”. Well he sure did in Ghent, for after a few songs he jumped off the stage and disappeared right into the audience for a while. And that wouldn’t be the only time he disappeared into the audience, albeit in a slightly different way the second time.

Rasc had a crush… euhm crash on me. Let me explain myself. At one point, he was jumping and dancing almost at the edge of the stage and suddenly I saw him stumbling backward, right in my direction. I had to decide quickly, to step aside or to go down with him. It all happened so fast, but apparently I instinctively moved a little bit and only felt him touch my shoulder in his fall. I felt a bit guilty afterwards, but somehow I don’t think I would’ve been able to break the fall of a six-foot-six guy, without being crushed myself. Luckily, he seemed to be alright! The girl standing next to me was somewhat less fortunate: she had hurt her leg a bit. I hope it wasn’t too bad! If it can be any consolation to Rasc: some people actually thought the fall was staged. Let’s just call it an alternative way of backward stage-diving, shall we? After this minor incident, the concert just went on, as good as ever, with me dancing and even forgetting to note down the rest of the setlist.

Rasc seemed to be very concerned about the girl, though. During his encore, he asked the girl’s friend standing in the front whether she was alright. Later that evening, he bumped into to me and he also asked me whether I was ok. Of course I was alright, dear Rasc. I’d never been better…I’d had a wonderful evening enjoying three terrific concerts! I wouldn't mind seeing you guys back at the Invitation festival next year... at least the stage's bigger there! 

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lord of the night's realm hmmm je hebvt je niet verveeld tijdens mijn afwezigheid en ik zie dat je mijn rick de leeuw foto's toegevoegd hebt ;-) leuk!!!!
je bnt weerd ruk in de weer geweest blijkbaar! hahah! nice nice !
see you soon!

Gepost door: CMS | 19-09-04

well well rasc seems really to be some mister nice guy!!! luckily 'cos with all those posing bastard pricks in the scene we love the polite ones! ;-)

Gepost door: cms | 21-09-04

*** met alweer toffe concertfoto's!

Gepost door: MJ | 21-09-04

Omgekeerd had beter geweest Jij die van het podium recht in die beer zijn armen viel..

Gepost door: Little Witch | 22-09-04

Smoky smoky! 't Was idd een uiterst aangename ontdekking, deze Rotersand. Heel sympathieke frontman, met uiterst aanstekelijke electro.
't Was niet echt de eerste keer da'k ze zag, want op M'Era Luna had ik er ook el enkele noten van gehoord...en had ik toen geweten dat ze zo geod waren, dan was ik toen zeker hun hele concert gebleven!
Toch 2 (kleine) minpuntjes misschien (mag toch, hoop ik?)...jammer dat er zoveel rook was, want 't was echt nie makkelijk om enkele deftige foto's te nemen...en ook heel spijtig dat ze geen merchandising-standje bijhadden! Want 'k had mij graag één of meerdere(??) cd's aangeschaft, maar helaas...
Maar toch een dikke 8/10!

Gepost door: Butterflydance | 05-10-04

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