Seabound (Ghent, 18/09)

Never having seen Seabound before and only knowing one song, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. It turned out that, even if I’d expected the very best, their performance would’ve surpassed my expectations. Basically, it was a breathtaking gig that held the audience spellbound from start to finish, with a varied set consisting of mainly catchy electronic music, alternated with less uplifting but very captivating emotional songs. Somehow I don’t think Seabound’s music is free of engagement. It is electronic body music with a soul. In that respect, the live support by drummer Daniel Wehmeier also adds an extra dimension to the show, making it even more real, more profound, more sincere.

Vocalist Frank Spinath has enormous stage presence, saying the right things, making the right moves and looking the audience in the eyes with his intense gaze. And if you add to that the absolutely beautiful lightshow then you have all ingredients for an unforgettable performance.

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wow! Ik had het niet beter kunnen verwoorden julie! Idd een schitterende show, ze zijn duidelijk gegroeid sinds de laatste passage in België met Covenant, zowel qua podiumprésence als qua publiek ;-)


Gepost door: tim | 23-09-04

Fan-tas-tisch!!! Der was dus idd maar één woord voor dit Seabound-optreden: fantastisch!!!
Joviale leadzanger, meeslepende ritmes, bijwijlen pakkende teksten,...alé, om 't kort te maken...gewoon de max!!!
Vooral bij het schitterende "Avalost" kreeg ik zowaar kippevel!!!
See you at The Invitation 2005 guys!
Een dikke 9/10!!

Gepost door: Butterflydance | 05-10-04

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