Sidus 24/09

Three girls singing a capella following in the footsteps of Lais. Not always perfect, but very charming and impressive, given the fact that they're only 16.

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Aedo 24/09

I hope I'll find some time to write down my impressions

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Pictures Aedo 24/09

My Aedo photo album.


Other people’s pictures:

Pictures by Martijn Lieffers

Pictures published on Klesie’s website

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Setlist Aedo 24/09

1. 998dn - 2. Lowy - 3. Tostas Mistas - 4. Déménage Mondiale - 5. Café Coiffeur - 6. Femmes i topp - 7. La Larme - 8. Friscot - 9. Vitamine - 1O. Bouquet Bloumé - 11. Lora Luna - 12. Imperial - 13. Experior (REMIX) - 14. Medelij

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Rotersand (Ghent, 18/09)

I think Rotersand is fairly unknown in Belgium, but I’m pretty sure their show in Ghent will have gained them quite a number of fans. They bring powerful electronic music and they do it very convincingly. Front man Rasc surely has great stage presence and is always brimming with enthusiasm, even to that extent that his concerts almost can become a life-threatening experience, both for himself and for the audience. He seems to be bursting with energy: stamping his feet, running from one side of the stage to the other (provided that the stage’s big enough!) and dangerously brandishing his microphone standard.

In an interview he once said “I like to be as close as possible to the audience, I like to look into people’s eyes, smell them and feel them”. Well he sure did in Ghent, for after a few songs he jumped off the stage and disappeared right into the audience for a while. And that wouldn’t be the only time he disappeared into the audience, albeit in a slightly different way the second time.

Rasc had a crush… euhm crash on me. Let me explain myself. At one point, he was jumping and dancing almost at the edge of the stage and suddenly I saw him stumbling backward, right in my direction. I had to decide quickly, to step aside or to go down with him. It all happened so fast, but apparently I instinctively moved a little bit and only felt him touch my shoulder in his fall. I felt a bit guilty afterwards, but somehow I don’t think I would’ve been able to break the fall of a six-foot-six guy, without being crushed myself. Luckily, he seemed to be alright! The girl standing next to me was somewhat less fortunate: she had hurt her leg a bit. I hope it wasn’t too bad! If it can be any consolation to Rasc: some people actually thought the fall was staged. Let’s just call it an alternative way of backward stage-diving, shall we? After this minor incident, the concert just went on, as good as ever, with me dancing and even forgetting to note down the rest of the setlist.

Rasc seemed to be very concerned about the girl, though. During his encore, he asked the girl’s friend standing in the front whether she was alright. Later that evening, he bumped into to me and he also asked me whether I was ok. Of course I was alright, dear Rasc. I’d never been better…I’d had a wonderful evening enjoying three terrific concerts! I wouldn't mind seeing you guys back at the Invitation festival next year... at least the stage's bigger there! 

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Rotersand pictures

My Rotersand photo album
Maybe you'd like to see my Rotersand M'era Luna album 2004 too.

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Rotersand setlist

1. Fire – 2. Almost violent – 3. Electronic world transmission – 4. Life-light – 5. One level down – 6. ??? (New song) – 7. ???Poetry in motion???
At that point I stopped writing down, so if anyone can reconstruct their setlist, please leave me a message!

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Pride and Fall (Ghent, 18/09)


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Pride and Fall pictures

My Pride and Fall  photo album

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Pride and Fall setlist

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Seabound (Ghent, 18/09)

Never having seen Seabound before and only knowing one song, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. It turned out that, even if I’d expected the very best, their performance would’ve surpassed my expectations. Basically, it was a breathtaking gig that held the audience spellbound from start to finish, with a varied set consisting of mainly catchy electronic music, alternated with less uplifting but very captivating emotional songs. Somehow I don’t think Seabound’s music is free of engagement. It is electronic body music with a soul. In that respect, the live support by drummer Daniel Wehmeier also adds an extra dimension to the show, making it even more real, more profound, more sincere.

Vocalist Frank Spinath has enormous stage presence, saying the right things, making the right moves and looking the audience in the eyes with his intense gaze. And if you add to that the absolutely beautiful lightshow then you have all ingredients for an unforgettable performance.

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Seabound pictures

My Seabound photo album.
The great light show really gave photographers the opportunity to take some very nice shots.

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Seabound setlist

Here's a picture of the setlist. However, I think their set was slightly different in reality. Someone told me that they didn't play "Travelling" for instance. Apparently that's the only difference. If not, let me know!

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Track in the spotlight: "Blechpfeiferl" by Schandmaul

A folky tune by a German band that is filed under "Gothic"...

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Aedo's debut album out at last!

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The Invitation 2005 pre press session (Gavere, 11/09/04)

The Invitation 2005 pre press session turned out to be a most awkward event. The organiser, the staff, the audience as well as the bands, were feeling uncomfortable because of the poor turnout. In a case like that, you can do two things: you can be crestfallen, or you can make the most of it. I definitely chose the second option, and, luckily for us, some of the bands -more in particular the EBM band Plastic- did the same.

The organiser seemed to have chosen the first option, however. The after party was cancelled, the bands were not announced before they came on stage and -even more striking- there was no presentation whatsoever of the Invitation 2005, although this was the very purpose of this whole event. I can understand the organiser’s frustration. It’s so difficult to keep your head above the water organising high-quality “gothic” events if there’s a very limited (and apparently not really reliable) audience for this kind of music in Belgium and consequently no chance of recovering your expenses. We can’t expect this kind of charity forever. In this particular case, it was quite obvious that it hasn’t been a good idea to present the pre press session both in Gavere and in Mechelen. An unfortunate miscalculation … but everyone makes mistakes. I hope the organiser doesn’t jump to conclusions, for if he ever decided to give up Purple Moon, there would be no alternative than to go to Germany to see our favourite bands. I know, there are a few other “gothic” organisations in Belgium, but in my opinion they are complementary to Purple Moon. One mainly focuses on industrial bands, while another focuses on upcoming bands. I can’t imagine them offering concerts by high-ranking EBM bands such as VNV Nation or Covenant or medieval bands such as Qntal or Saltatio Mortis. Of course, it would be even better if all organisations cooperated, but I’m afraid a small miracle will be needed. Anyway, Purple Moon does a great job in offering the Belgian audience beautiful shows of excellent bands and I hope from the bottom of my heart that this won’t change.

The Invitation 2005 pre press session featured bands from all over the world: there was the Norwegian rock band ELUSIVE, the German EBM band PLASTIC, the Australian darkwave band IKON and the Italian band KIRLIAN CAMERA.


Reviews of their concerts coming soon.

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Elusive (Gavere, 11/09/04)

Allow me to look back on the Invitation 2004 first. There, Elusive’s performance really swept me off my feet. Although only a handful of people were present, the band delivered an outstanding and passionate performance and really connected with the audience. I was rather satisfied with the review I wrote afterwards, but since I wrote it in Dutch, I will repeat the gist of it in this article.

In fact, the following message, which you can read on their website, says it all:

Hey, this is Elusive.

A “modest” rock band......without scientists!

No need to reinvent dynamite,

it works perfectly well.

The aim is to use it.......BIGTIME!


They are modest, they have a great sense of humour, they are no pioneers, but they are damn good! They’ve obviously listened to the Sisters of Mercy and they are not trying to cover that up. Everything about them reminds me of the Sisters: the music they play, the way they look, … even the five-pointed star they use as their logo! But the thing is –it’s difficult for me to admit– they are better than the Sisters. Jan K. Barkved has an excellent voice (understatement!) and, unlike Andrew Eldritch, he lives up to the expectations when playing live.

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Enough about the faraway past now; back to more recent times

Enough about the faraway past now; back to more recent times. In Gavere, Elusive gave an excellent performance again. However, the atmosphere was slightly different than in “het Kuipke”. Especially during the first few songs, the band seemed somewhat less enthusiastic. Well, Jan probably just didn’t feel like chatting and joking too much. As a result, it took me a bit longer to feel that connection again, but still, they won me over again. They’re just the kind of band that manages to blend straightforward rock music, truly excellent vocals, and powerful, catchy melodies, while staying their sympathetic selves all along.


After the show, they largely compensated for not being that talkative on stage by mingling with the audience for the rest of the evening, checking out the other bands and, like they did on stage, just having a good time, a couple of beers and a good smoke. By the way, compared to some of the other bands we saw that evening, they actually were very talkative during the show, come to think of it.


So, if you are one of those people who managed to miss Elusive twice, I’d strongly advise you to check them out at the Invitation 2005. It might be your last chance to see them in Belgium. Don’t miss it!

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Setlist Elusive

After the show, leadsinger Jan K. Barkved collected the papers lying on the floor in front of him. So much for my chance to lay hands upon the playlist! But I cunningly followed him over to the bar, where I saw him put the papers in the dustbin. I mischievously snatched them out of the bin,  thus, becoming the proud owner of an exclusive set of Elusive lyrics. There didn't seem to be an actual playlist, but the lyrics enabled me to reconstruct it as follows:
1. Last night, 2. Tomorrow gone, 3. Run away, 4. Lonely Satellite, 5. Gemini, 6. Louise, 7. Asylum, 8. Shadowdance, 9. The great silence, 10. The circle never ends, 11. Susannah

My ELUSIVE photo album

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Plastic (Gavere, 11/09/04)

Granted, they played somewhat early, but for me, the Plastic gig surely was the highlight of the evening in Gavere!

Just before they went on stage, front man Matthes had a chat with us. Quite a sympathetic bloke! He was visibly a bit disappointed with the small crowd, especially because he was still relishing the memory of a big enthusiastic crowd at the Infest Festival in Bradford, but he assured us that he’d do the best he could to have everyone jumping around. He kept his promise, that’s for sure! Plastic’s energetic Electronic Body Music is in no way inferior to that of, let’s say, Icon of Coil or Assemblage 23. Plastic really has some excellent tracks, such as “Das Licht”, from their first album and “Home”, “Lies” and “Will you care”, from their second album. They got me dancing right from the start!

They weren’t spared of technical problems, however. Drummer Tanja Reinhardt’s facial expression seemed to indicate that something wasn’t quite ok. I didn’t notice a thing, so it can’t have been too bad. A bit later, during “Closed eyes”, Matthes’ microphone failed. Not in the least nonplussed, he kept on shouting without a mike, unfortunately in vain, for even in the front row we didn’t hear a word. Anyway, the problem was soon solved. He handled it well, not being pissed off like others would, but turning it into a joke and being his sympathetic self. I think Matthes has great stage presence and really succeeds in connecting with the crowd. At one point, he even jumped off stage and disappeared among the audience, at another, he offered a few of his cups of beer to the audience. What a shame that we were standing on the other side (I would’ve offered the cup to my boyfriend of course! ;-) ).

They’d planned to play the Human League cover “Being boiled” as an encore, but they played it as their last song, thus leaving room for quite another type of encore. At first, half of the audience thought Plastic was actually playing a song by the Belgium dance act “Sylver”, but it turned out to be a Lasgo cover called “Something”. One thing’s for sure: they managed to transform this ultra commercial dance track into a cool and hip EBM track! Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? I'm already looking forward to seeing them back in March!

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Setlist Plastic

I think Plastic deserves a place in the Guinness book of records for using the smallest playlist ever, i.e. a square piece of paper measuring 7 cm by 7, crumpled up in the pocket of Matthes Ewald's trousers. After the show, Plastic's sympathetic front man was so kind as to hand it over to me. Thanks mate!


But here's the actual setlist:
1. Intro/home, 2. Lies, 3. Das Licht, 4. Will you care, 5. Sense of life, 6. Closed eyes, 7. Kreatur, 8. Visions, 9. Black colours, 10. Being boiled (Human League cover)
Bis 11. Something (Lasgo cover)


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Ikon (Gavere, 11/09/04)

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Setlist Ikon

A big thank you to Antoon, for giving me the playlist after the show!
1. Never forgive, 2. Ghost in my head, 3. Condemnation, 4. Without shadows, 5. Blue murder, 6. Fakk apart, 7. Crucified, 8. Heresy, 9. Reality is lost, 10. Subversion, 11. Never wanted you, 12. Psychic vampire, 13. God has fallen, 14. As night falls, 15. Black roses.

My IKON photo album

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Kirlian Camera (Gavere 11/09/04)

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My KIRLIAN CAMERA photo album

My KIRLIAN CAMERA photo album

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Apparently, I've got several friends who've got an ear for music!
Jangle 's singer is also a friend of mine.
Don't know their music yet, but I'm hoping to find out soon:
10/09/04: JH 't Geduld, Afsnee
17/09/04: Buster, Antwerp
22/09/04: Video, Ghent
I guess I'll see you guys in Ghent! 

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Kind of Blue

Maybe I'm going to check out this band one of these days. Their pianist is an old friend of mine. Some good old-fashioned rock-'n-roll and/or blues will do me good for a change! For a preview of their music, click Kind of Blue.

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Zwart Werk festival on 16th October

If you thought that “Zwart Werk” was the name of an organisation promoting illegal labour you are wrong. It’s a Belgian organisation that promotes “dark” music (gothic, EBM, industrial …). This year, their festival will take place at JH The Nooddle in Beernem on 16th October.




The Frozen Park





Buy your tickets tickets now, or pry about on their brand new website: http://www.zwartwerk.org

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Feest in het Park 28/08 (Verslag door Anouschka)

Drie maanden geleden hoorde ik op de radio dat Sonic Youth hun enige optreden van deze tour in België op feest in’ t Park zouden geven. Aangezien mijn vriend hen altijd al eens heeft willen zien, wist ik direct wat ik hem als verjaardagscadeau zou geven…

Zaterdag 28/08/04 trokken we in de late namiddag naar Oudenaarde waar we al vlug een plaatsje vonden om te parkeren. Julie had me al gewaarschuwd dat het festivalplein nogal slijkerig was en dat was niet overdreven gesteld! Nu, een gewaarschuwde vrouw is er twee waard en ik had dan ook mijn bottientjes en een stevige broek uit de kast gehaald. Voor de rest niets dan lof over de opstelling van het plein: voldoende toiletten, vettig voedsel te over, 3 gezellige tenten en heerlijke cocktails.

De groep die zou beginnen te spelen toen wij arriveerden, was Monsoon. Hier heb ik mij schromelijk in vergist: ik dacht dat dit enkele pubertjes waren die wat gitaarrock maakten en aldus besloot ik eerst de omgeving wat te verkennen en enkel de laatste nummers te beluisteren. Daar heb ik spijt van gehad want de nummers die ik gehoorde, deden naar meer smaken: krachtig geluid door de twee drums, prachtige vrouwenstem die soms aan PJ Harvey doet denken en het geheel baadt in een Cranes – sfeertje (donker romantisch met hier en daar een scherp randje). Hier wil ik zeker nog meer van horen!

De tweede groep waar ik vlug een kijkje bij wou gaan nemen, was Arrested Development. Ik wist dat ik daar ooit eens een nummer van graag gehoord had, maar vraag me niet welk… de paar nummers die ik waarbij ik in het publiek stond, werden vol enthousiasme en met een positieve vibe gebracht, wat blijkbaar aanstekelijk werkte op het publiek, want er was ambiance tot op de laatste rij.

Admiral Freebee was 1 van de 2 groepen waarvoor wij bijzondere interesse hadden en waarvan wij ook redelijk wat verwachtten.

De groep begon al meteen goed met een geslaagde intro (intro van “Ik hou van u”) die vloeiend in het zalige nummer “ Ever Present” overliep. Dit keer kreeg de admiraal geen steun van Nathalie van Laïs maar ook met enkel mannenstemmen  bleek dit nummer meer dan overweldigend te zijn! De rest van de set was een mooie afwisseling van bekend (“Rags and Run” “Einstein Brain”) en nieuw werk dat veelbelovend klonk.

Na een intense set én twee bisnummers was het bijna de beurt aan Sonic Youth. Jammer genoeg sloeg het noodlot hier toe voor ons: door al het geduw en getrek (het schijnt aan de andere kant van de tent  rustiger te zijn geweest) ben ik misselijk geworden en zijn we vroegtijdig naar huis gegaan… ondertussen heb ik al van mensen die zich wél staande konden houden gehoord dat het ferm in orde was… spijtig, spijtig, maar hopelijk krijgen we de kans om ze nog eens het werk te zien voor ze pensioengerechtigd zijn!



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The Invitation offers a promising concert season!


Purple Moon presents: 



Location / Tickets

11 Sept.



[16.00] doors open
[16.05-17.00] Videopresentation The Invitation 2004
[18.00-18.45] Presentation The Invitation 2005, Day 1
[19.45-20.30] Presentation The Invitation 2005, Day 2
[21.45-22.30] Presentation The Invitation 2005, Day 3
[00.00-05.00] After Party


Markt 20

9890 Gavere
Tickets: € 20

(limited to 400)

12 Sept.



[14.00] doors open
[14.05-15.00] Videopresentation The Invitation 2004
[16.00-16.45] Presentation The Invitation 2005, Day 1
[17.45-18.30] Presentation The Invitation 2005, Day 2
[19.45-20.30] Presentation The Invitation 2005, Day 3
[22.00-05.00] After Party


Onder den Toren 9

2800 Mechelen.

18 Sept.

[19.00] doors open


Dendermondse­steenweg 140B

9000 Gent

Tickets: € 15,00 / € 17,50

22 Oct.

[19.30] doors open
[20.30-21.30] Support Act


Dendermondse­steenweg 140B

9000 Gent
Tickets: € 12,5

5 Nov.

19.30] doors open


Onder den toren 9

2800 Mechelen
Tickets: € 15

19 Nov.



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