Sorry that it's a bit boring in here (now, that's an understatement!).
Evening classes have started again and I have been busy reading books and doing other stuff. But I'll be back, I promise!
Still, you won't be hearing much of me next week, as I probably will try to watch a few movies at the Filmfestival in Ghent.
Unfortunately, I won't make it to Boo!'s concert in Eksel tomorrow.
Next event on my "wish list" is the gothic/electro festival Zwartwerk in Beernem on 16 October.

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? Czy masz na mysli jezyk polski? ;))

Gepost door: Bartosz | 08-10-04

*** Prettig weekend!!!

Gepost door: Lonely Angel | 08-10-04

seems like I'll be missign yu...sniff!

Gepost door: cms | 08-10-04

Have a nice weekend Wel, at least you have a live. You're not some boring nerd who spents all his/her live behind a computer.
Enjoy it.

Gepost door: Flater | 10-10-04

Thanks too You surely have the more interesting blog on skynet.
I'm proud to be in your links. Have a nice week. ;)

Gepost door: Bunker Noir | 11-10-04

tja 't is hier een beetje saai, maar jij hebt he duidelijk erg druk!

Gepost door: MJ | 12-10-04

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