Halloween's approaching, a time when witches, fairies and ghosts take over the world, filling it with evil laughter and scary shouts of booooooo.
Yeah, you feel me coming, don't you? In fact, I want to talk to you about the band that always succeeds in cheering me up: Boo!
I've got some good news and some bad news, I'm afraid. What do you want to hear first?
Well I won't torture you too long and start with the bad news right away. In fact it's horrible, agonizing news, ...  A few weeks ago, drummer Leon announced that he as well as keyboard player Ampie are leaving the band... We're still waiting for an official announcement as to whether Chris Chameleon will continue with other musicians or whether he will move on too, but so far no official statement has been made.
One thing's for sure, if this means the end of Boo! we will lose a very fine band. The three musicians Chris, Ampie and Leon as well as their manager Marcel are extraordinary people and it's almost inconceivable to picture Boo! without all four of them. Still, I wish them all the best of luck with their future plans and I hope they'll keep us posted on their projects.
At this point I think we all deserve the good news.
You can see Boo! perform 28 October, maybe for the last time in Belgium!
The place to be: café Charlatan in Ghent.
Don't miss it, but don't you dare all try and stand in the front row, for that's where I'll be and heaven nows I need some space to dance!

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Haloween ... ja dit zal voor jou wel een hoogtepunt betekenen LOL

Gepost door: MJ | 15-10-04

* Dan zou ik maar regelen dat er dranghekken om je heen geplaatst worden ;))

Gepost door: Free my Soul | 15-10-04

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