Shrug (Zwart Werk, Beernem 16 0ct.)

Shrug’s a one-man industrial project by a guy whose name I can’t even find on the net. The only information displayed on Shrug’s website is the slogan “No show, just noise, so what?”

I don’t entirely agree with the slogan, though. No show, that part is true, just one man surrounded by some technological stuff (and a bulky CRT-monitor). Admittedly, Shrug’s music could do with a bit of visual support in the form of projections for instance, but, anyway, good music doesn’t require a fancy show. “Just noise” is the part that I don’t agree with. Industrial coming close to noise is not really my favourite kind of music. However, I did enjoy Shrug, so it can’t have been that noisy. Shrug’s music is sometimes heavy and repetitive, but it’s also melodious and even danceable.

Shrug’s website may well be a bit minimal, but it does reveal a sense of humour. This sense of humour also emerged during the show, albeit not exactly on stage (Well, that’s not entirely true, ‘cause I was very amused at the guy’s Super Mario 3 t-shirt, but I’ll save that anecdote for later). Among the (very small) crowd there was someone handing out little presents that turned out to be very useful to people who often go to concerts: a pair of earplugs… Luckily there was no need for me to wear them, for the “noise” was not too noisy!

Now, let’s get back to that anecdote I promised you. I already find it quite funny to see someone play industrial music wearing a Super Mario t-shirt, but it’s even more hilarious if you know that one of Zwart Werk’s organisers actually is nicknamed Super Mario. Probably sheer coincidence, but I hope Super Mario didn’t suffer an identity crisis!

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Boooo!!! i've crashed down your door and chopped off some limbs of you and some of your withcylong hair! and now i'm hugging and kssing around;..ain't I a nice dude? you babe of darkness!lol
happy to see here some nice pics and revieuw of the zwartwerk-gig in da zottekot van beernem! ;-)
cool stuff girl!
cmske with the pink thing...
yeah yeah, it's about to change!!!!

Gepost door: cms | 19-10-04

Een fanclub? Super Mario zag dat het goed was en heeft helemaal geen gespleten persoonlijkheid ovegehouden aan Shrug. Sinds Shrug weet ik niet meer wie ik ben. Fin, mijn beide identiteiten danken iedereen die er was, ik kijk alvast uit naar de verdere reviews...

Gepost door: Super Mario | 21-10-04

Shrug More info about Shrug is to be found at www.hospitalfood.be...


Gepost door: Robin | 22-10-04

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